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gyu              deok              cheol              woong              hyeok              hyung              heon              hyuk              joong              shik              chul              ryong              seok              pyung              yeong              wook              myeong              byung              ryul              gyung              hyeong              hwan              gook              seong              kyeong              gyeong              yeol              seung              kwang              ryeol              taek              byul              deuk              kyung              seol              joon              nyeo              hyeon              kyu              jae              keun              seon              kyoung              baek              hwakim              poong              seop              sook              yook              joo             

Examples of "beom"
Kim Beom (born 1963) is a South Korean multimedia artist.
Bat "Voiced by": Hong Beom-gi (Korean), Ryan Hollyman (English)
"(Korean: 오성과 한음; Starring: Lee Hyeseok, Kim Jincheol, Kwak Beom)"
"(Korean: 사랑 참 어렵다, Starring: Park Eunyeong, Kwak Beom)"
At the same time, Captain. Kang Suk-Dae and his South Korean reinforcements arrive at the school, and begin to clear the area of North Koreans. Afterwards, Jang-Beom collapses from exhaustion. Park Mu-Yang arrives onto the roof, and calls out to Kap-Jo, who turns around and is shot multiple times from Park's machine gun. Park tosses aside his machine gun and pulls out his pistol and approaches Jang Beom, when he is grabbed by the leg by Kap-Jo. Despite being mortally wounded, Kap-Jo attempts to stab Park in the leg. Park then kills Kap-Jo. As Park prepares to shoot Jang-Beom, Jang-Beom then forces himself up with his last bit of strength, and both simultaneously shoot each other. Both are now bleeding profusely. Park attempts to finish off Jang-Beom, but Kang arrives and kills Park. Jang-Beom dies from his wounds as Kang comforts him.
The "Hong Beom-do", a specialized guided missile submarine was launched on 7 April, 2016.
"(Korean: 배꼽도둑; Starring: Kim Kiri, Lee Munjae, Lee Chan, Kwak Beom, Yun Hanmin, Park Yeongjin)"
"(Korean: 과대명상; Starring: Shin Yunseung, Kwak Beom, Noh Ujin, Park Eunyeong, Kim Junho)"
"(Korean: 장스타 ent., Starring: Jang Kiyeong, Song Jaein, Kwak Beom, Namgung Gyeongho, Lee Sejin, Kim Taewon)"
Edward Andrew Yoon Beom "Eddie" Shin (born July 17, 1976) is an American actor.
"(Korean: 일당뛰어; Starring: Kwak Beom, Oh Gihwan, Namgung Gyeongho, Shin Yunseung, Lee Changho)"
One of his teammates at Samara was Oh Beom-seok who is from the South Korea.
"(Korean: 도찐개찐; Starring: Park Seongho (13), Lee Jonghun, Ryu Geunil, Kwak Beom, Kim Byeongseon)"
He was transferred to Gwangju FC in exchange for Ryu Beom-hee in July 2016.
Kim Dae-Beom (born February 10, 1992) is a South Korean modern pentathlete.
"(Korean: 건달의 조건; Starring: Kim Jaewook, Yang Seonil, Jeong Chanmin, Kwak Beom, Hong Sunmok)"
"(Korean: 비트는 동화, Starring: Lee Sangeun, Lee Sanghun, Kwak Beom, Kim Hyeongi, Lee Sejin, Choi Huiryeong)"
"(Korean: 솔까홈쇼핑, Starring: Heo Min, Yu Minsang, Kwak Beom, Kim Nahui, Jo Chunghyeon)"
"(Korean: 미안해요 형; Starring: Hong Sunmok, Lee Sanggu, Kwak Beom, Jeong Yunho)"
"(Korean: 줌in줌out, Starring: Heo Min, Bok Hyeonkyu, Jang Yunseok, Kwak Beom, Yun Hanmin)"