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Examples of "berche"
Berche is a commune in the Doubs department in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region in eastern France.
Being in such a mountainous area, and bordered on all sides by imposing peaks, La Jarjatte attracts many mountain sports enthusiasts. Popular during the French summer holidays, visitors take in the various hiking trails, mountain bike routes, climbing activities and the via ferrata at La Berche.
Juan Carlos Albarran (Spain), Frederic Asseline (France), Asger Bech-Thomsen (Denmark), Paul Borlinha (Canada), Isis Breiter (Mexico), Chris Calimano (United States), Beatriz Camiade (Mexico), Olle Chen (Taiwan), Yao Chen (Taiwan), George Chmiel (United States), Arthur Chu (Philippines), Stefan Danis (Canada), Juan Ferrero (Argentina), Brett Foote (Australia), Beatriz Garcia Berche (Spain), Michael Gilgen (Switzerland), Jose Luis Gomez Alciturri (Spain), Andrzej Gondek (Poland), Belinda Holdsworth (United Kingdom), Kyungpyo Hong (South Korea), Shing Hing Hung (Hong Kong), Linh Huynh (Canada), Feibao Jin (China), Jagdeep Kairon (India), Tomotaka Kamei (Japan), Miki Komaba (Japan), Sanya Kongmunvattana (Thailand), Gibeum Lee (South Korea), Daniel Lewczuk (Poland), Andres Lledo Lopez (Spain), Jose Manuel Martinez Fernandez (Spain), Matthew McLellan (Australia), Raul Narvaez (Chile), Kozo Niidome (Japan), Takashi Okada (Japan), Atul Patki (India), Inia Raumati (New Zealand), Yoshihiro Sato (Japan), Shui Fuk Sin (Hong Kong), Francisco Somoza (Argentina), Megan Stewart (New Zealand), Rob Trepa (United States), Richard Wang (Hong Kong), Shigeru Watanabe (Japan), Marek Wikiera (Poland), Bo Xing (China)
The first of three mountainous stages to conclude the Dauphiné, the fifth stage of the race was seen as a precursor to the tenth stage of July's Tour de France, with the majority of the day's route making up the parcours of that stage to be held on 11 July. Three categorised climbs were part of the parcours of the day, notably the hors catégorie "Le Grand Colombier" – making its début in the race – with an average gradient of 6.9%, reaching up to an altitude of , but the summit of the final climb – the "Col de Richemond" – came with remaining of the stage. Mini-attacks set the course of the early running of the stage, which was carried out a quick pace, with the peloton covering in the first hour of racing. After rider Blel Kadri escaped out of the peloton to take the honours at the first summit of the day, the "Côte de Corlier", it was not until the uncategorised "Col de la Berche" several kilometres later that a group of riders managed to get clear.