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fahnder              totmacher              kriminalist              zauberer              brivele              untertan              todesking              kreidekreis              postmeister              todestunnel              bloasbalg              zauberlehrling              widerspenstigen              sirarpie              ermittler              bettelstudent              wixxer              blutharsch              nationalepos              tunkeler              augenzeuge              menschfresser              schimmelreiter              rauchfangkehrer              maskarenen              tatortreiniger              silbersee              scharlachrote              wiederentdecker              giftpilz              verlorne              knochenmann              schweigende              wetsidee              busant              weihnachtshund              deathmaker              rabnitz              chantecoq              territorialen              millionenerbe              einzug              schutzengel              verdacht              bescheidene              nachsommer              rotenturm              beschaffenheit              madagaskars              feinschmecker             

Examples of "bergdoktor"
Der Bergdoktor (2008) is a remake of the 1990s German-Austrian medical drama television series "Der Bergdoktor", broadcast since 6 February 2008.
Between series three and four a special was broadcast, a crossover production featuring Die Bergretter as well as Der Bergdoktor.
The fictitious village of "Sonnenstein" in the TV series, "Bergdoktor" ("Mountain Doctor") is set on the plateau.
The song is used as the opening theme for the German-Austrian medical drama television series Der Bergdoktor.
Der Bergdoktor is a German-Austrian medical drama television series, broadcast in 96 episodes between 1992 and 1997.
In Austria the equivalent of Doc Martin is "Der Bergdoktor", which translates to "The Mountain Doctor". The doctor is called Dr Martin Gruber, played by Austrian actor Hans Sigl. It is set in the picturesque mountain village of Ellmau in the Tirol region. The series began in 2008.
Since 1995, Krassnitzer has played mainly in television series (Der Bergdoktor, Der Winzerkönig, Tatort). Since 1999, he has been in the scene as investigators series Moritz Eisner for the ORF in use, sometimes alone, and sometimes with changing colleagues. Since his 24th case, he is now working with Adele Neuhauser, together with Bibi Fellner.
In 2010 Patrick Mölleken received the Deutschen Hörbuchpreis for "Wie man unsterblich wird – Jede Minute zählt" (Ways to Live Forever). His work for audio books and radio dramas has since been rewarded frequently with various nominations. They follow numerous film and television casts in a variety of formats, including "Extinction – The G.M.O. Chronicles", the winter-special "Der Bergdoktor"" – Durch eisige Höhen", "Quirk of Fate", "Mord in bester Familie" and "". In 2010 he played the leading role of "Tom" in the mystery and first 3D-series "Grimmsberg".
After Harlan's death in 1964, Söderbaum became a noted fashion photographer. In 1974 she took a role in Hans-Jürgen Syberberg's film "Karl May". In 1983 she published her memoirs under the title "Nichts bleibt immer so" ("Nothing Stays That Way Forever"). In her later years, Söderbaum faded into obscurity but still took roles in three movies and the television series "The Bergdoktor". Her last film was with Hugh Grant in the thriller "Night Train to Venice" in 1994. She died in 2001 in a nursing home in Hitzacker, Lower Saxony, Germany.