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merete              vibeke              birgitte              kjersti              turid              wenche              bente              barbro              birgitta              helle              kirsti              silje              stina              agneta              inger              halvor              hanne              torgny              ingunn              signe              grethe              jorunn              gunilla              helge              josefine              ulla              torstein              cathrine              dorthe              lisbet              halvard              birthe              gunhild              malene              dagfinn              hordalandliv              gitte              rebecka              anneli              bjarte              jeppe              aunli              vigdis              rolv              tonje              nicoline              sigrid              truls              sinikka              lillemor             

Examples of "berit"
Zapffe married twice. He remained married to his second wife Berit Zapffe until his death in 1990. Berit herself died in May 2008. Zapffe remained childless by choice.
Berit Ås has since added two supplementary master suppression techniques.
Berit Nøkleby (born 25 September 1939) is a Norwegian historian.
Stumpf, Berit und Patten, Sean: "Live is Life’. Berit Stumpf und Sean Patten im Gespräch mit Kathrin Tiedemann". In: TheaterKulturVision. Arbeitsbuch von Theater der Zeit. Ed. by Therese Hörnigk, Bettina Masuch, Frank M. Raddatz. Berlin 1998, p. 34-38
Hætta was born in Guovdageaidnu, Finnmark, the son of Jacob Mathisen Hætta and Berit Aslaksdatter Sara. He was the brother of Aslak Hætta, and married Berit Hansdatter Gaup in 1868.
Gunn Berit Gjerde (born 28 April 1954) is a Norwegian politician for the Liberal Party.
"The Wedding of Berit Johnson and Ian W. Hill" (The Too Soon Festival)
Berit Erbe (4 September 1923 – 13 May 2009) was a Danish-Norwegian actress and theatrical historian.
Berit Immig and Johannes von Weizsäcker first met when playing in band Karamasov (Satellite Records).
Berit Oskal Eira (born 1 March 1951) is a Norwegian politician for the Labour Party.
Berit Berthelsen, née Tøien (born April 25, 1944) is a retired athlete from Norway. She represented IL Tyrving.
Christians critical of both "Harry Potter" and homosexuality responded pointedly to the revelation. Christian author Berit Kjos wrote,
Olympic figure skaters include Andreas Krogh (1920), Margot Moe (1920), Nanna Egedius (1936), Marit Henie (1948), Berit Unn Johansen (1964).
Berit Winge Brænne (18 September 1918 – 6 September 1976) was a Norwegian actress, children's writer and songwriter.
Along with Berit Christoffersen she finished 5th in the women's lightweight double sculls at the 1996 Summer Olympics.
The chair is Knut Grøholt and the deputy chair is Berit Skarholt. The current director general is Carsten Paludan-Müller.
Anne Berit Andersen (born 2 December 1951 in Søgne) is a Norwegian politician for the Conservative Party.
Berit Högman, born 1958, is a Swedish social democratic politician who has been a member of the Riksdag since 2002.
Berit Menuchah (Hebrew: ספר ברית מנוחה) (also Berit Menuḥah, Berith Menuḥa, or Brit Menucha) is a practical kabbalistic work written in the 14th century, by Rabbi Abraham ben Isaac of Granada. It consists of a system of theurgy which uses secret names of God and his emanations for spiritual and magical purposes. An English translation thereof was published in 2007.
Berit travelled to Þingvellir Iceland in 1930 and took many photos documenting the 1000th anniversary of the national parliament Alþingi. Many photos are available at the Swedish National Heritage Board; Berit donated many of her photographs to the Heritage Board in the 1980s, hoping they would be of use to future researchers.