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Examples of "berlowitz"
His wife, Vanessa Berlowitz, is also a producer at the Natural History Unit.
Leslie Cohen Berlowitz is the former President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.
In June 2013, Berlowitz was accused by the "Boston Globe" of embellishing her résumé in the course of writing grant proposals for the American Academy, as well as drawing excessive compensation and manipulating the Academy's election process. Following calls by the "Washington Post" and the "Boston Globe" for her resignation, Berlowitz resigned her position in July 2013. In the wake of press attacks on Berlowitz, however, former Ambassador to Afghanistan and U.S. Army Lt. General Karl Eikenberry and former Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen wrote to the "Boston Globe" in her support.
Berlowitz co-edited three books: "Restoring Trust in American Business" (Cambridge: MIT Press, 2005) with Jay W. Lorsch and Andy Zelleke,
Berlowitz graduated from the Fieldston School, and received a bachelor's degree from New York University and a master's degree from Columbia University.
Berlowitz became the Academy's executive officer in 1996 and was later promoted to Chief Executive Officer and President. From 1969 to 1996, Berlowitz was an administrator at New York University. In 2013 the "Boston Globe" pointed to a falsification of her degree on Academy grant applications and that her Academy salary appeared higher than standards at comparable institutions. The "Globe" also brought her draconian management style into question.
The synagogue Löwenstrasse was renovated in 1936, 1952, and most recently in 1993, executed by the architects Bernard San, Michael Berlowitz and Ron Epstein, to grant restoration and renovation maintenance works.
As chief executive, Berlowitz won praise for increasing Academy revenues, expanding the scope of programs, and raising the Academy's national profile, though questions about her management style and allegedly poor treatment of employees followed her for years. Berlowitz led the Academy’s Strategic Plan "2001 and Beyond" and the development of the Initiative for the Humanities and its Humanities Indicators. She created a network of more than 50 University Affiliates to work with the Academy on issues vital to the higher education community and also established two residential fellowship programs for young scholars: the Visiting Scholars Program and the Hellman Fellowship in Science and Technology Policy.
"Frozen Planet: A World Beyond Imagination" accompanies the TV series and was released in hardcover format on 13 October 2011. It is written by the series producers Alastair Fothergill and Vanessa Berlowitz, with a foreword by David Attenborough. The UK version was published by BBC Books (ISBN 9781846079627) and the North American version was published by Firefly Books (ISBN 9781554079919).
Yarraville Football Club was formed on April 1, 1903. It then joined the Victorian Junior Football Association and won seven Premierships, the first in 1905. Margaret Berlowitz was President of Yarraville from 1914 to 1922. Bill Munday started playing for Yarraville in 1916 and played in three premierships, 1920, 1925 and 1926.
A former milk powder factory, ("fábrica de productos dietéticos Max") still stands in San Antonio, a district of the town of Entrambasagas. It is an example of industrial architecture built in the rationalist style of the 1930s. It was built by Maximilian Berlowitz Feinstein (1882), a German pharmacist who graduated from the University of Würzburg, and successfully established himself in Spain. In 1935, the Ministry of Industry and Trade asked him to build the factory, as Spain had to import milk powder at the time. Berlowitz chose Entrambasaguas as a location for the new factory because it had cows, good forage, and the water of the river Aguanaz, which was not only clean but also had the right temperature. As of 2016, the factory houses a center of environmental education for children.
In 1964 he was left $250,000 and a luxury Manhattan flat in the will of American philanthropist Florence Berlowitz Shaw (widow of George Hamlin Shaw and former wife of Bernard Pollak), whom he had escorted at social occasions in New York City. The will was disputed by Mrs Shaw's three stepchildren, but eventually upheld. A cousin living in North Wales also left him £20,000 the same year. Lindsay indulged his interest in horse racing by becoming a racehorse breeder.
Frozen Planet is a 2011 British nature documentary series, co-produced by the BBC and The Open University. It was filmed by the BBC Natural History Unit. The production team, which includes executive producer Alastair Fothergill and series producer Vanessa Berlowitz, were previously responsible for the award-winning series "The Blue Planet" (2001) and "Planet Earth" (2006), and "Frozen Planet" is billed as a sequel of sorts. David Attenborough returns as narrator. It is distributed under licence by the BBC in other countries, Discovery Channel for North America, ZDF for Germany, Antena 3 for Spain and Skai TV for Greece.
Since the second half of the twentieth century, policy research has become a central focus of the Academy. In the late 1950s, arms control emerged as a signature concern of the Academy. The Academy also served as the catalyst in establishing the National Humanities Center in North Carolina. In the late 1990s, the Academy developed a new strategic plan, focusing on four major areas: science, technology, and global security; social policy and education; humanities and culture; and education. In 2002, the Academy established a visiting scholars program in association with Harvard University. More than 60 academic institutions from across the country have become Affiliates of the Academy to support this program and other Academy initiatives. The Academy most recently made headlines in July 2013 when the Boston Globe outed then president Leslie Berlowitz for falsifying her credentials, faking a doctorate, and consistently mistreating her staff.
On 6 July 2015 the ICZ has loosened the funeral arrangements for women. Henceforth, women are allowed at the funeral of a relative or friend of the deceased whose grave and can participate in all burial rites. Previously the related women had to wait along with the rest of the female mourners at the wayside and were not admitted to the grave, at least officially. In reality the presence of women at the grave has been tacitly accepted, but initiated by Chana Berlowitz, the municipal assembly decided a valid determination to change this old tradition. The women are therefore allowed not only to the grave of their relatives or fellow dead, they may also participate in the blades or speak the funeral prayer. In addition, the segregation among the mourners at the funeral chapel was abolished.