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Examples of "bernatchez"
Louis Bernatchez is a Canadian professor of genetics at Laval University and a Canada Research Chair in genomics and conservation of aquatic resources.
Monique Bernatchez Tardif (born 8 January 1936) was a Progressive Conservative member of the Canadian House of Commons. She was an administrator by career.
Turgeon and Bernatchez proposed in 2003 to merge several cisco species, including the blackfin cisco, into the taxon "C. artedi sensu lato".
He was born in Saint-Thomas-de-la-Pointe-à-la-Caille, Lower Canada, the son of Jean-Baptiste Bernatchez and Marie Talbot dit Gervais, and was educated in Montmagny. In 1859, he married Henriette Couillard Després. Bernatchez was postmaster at Montmagny and was mayor of Saint-Thomas-de-la-Pointe-à-la-Caille and warden for Montmagny County from 1877 to 1883. He also operated a shipping company linking Montmagny and Quebec City. Bernatchez was defeated in 1881 by Louis-Napoléon Fortin, but he was declared elected by the Quebec Superior Court in 1883. He was reelected in 1886, 1890 and 1892, but was defeated by Joseph-Couillard Lislois when he ran for reelection in 1897. Bernatchez served as governor for the prison at Quebec City from 1897 until his death in Quebec City in 1906. He was buried in Montmagny.
Nazaire Bernatchez (February 13, 1838 – August 29, 1906) was a farmer, merchant and political figure in Quebec. He represented Montmagny in the Legislative Assembly of Quebec from 1886 to 1897 as a Liberal.
Conservation is the maintenance of biological diversity. Conservation can focus on preserving diversity at genetic, species, community or whole ecosystem levels. This article will examine conservation at the species level, because mutualisms involve interactions between species. The ultimate goal of conservation at this level is to prevent the extinction of species. However, species conservation has the broader aim of maintaining the abundance and distribution of all species, not only those threatened with extinction (van Dyke 2008). Determining the value of conserving particular species can be done through the use of evolutionary significant units, which essentially attempt to prioritise the conservation of the species which are rarest, fastest declining, and most distinct genotypically and phenotypically (Moritz 1994, Fraser and Bernatchez 2001).
Collectively calling themselves the International Group of Experts, the authors of the "Tallinn Manual" include highly respected legal scholars and legal practitioners with experience in cyber issues who were consulted throughout the duration of the project by information technology specialists. The group was led by Professor Michael N. Schmitt, chairman of the international law department at the United States Naval War College, who also served as the project director. Other members of the group included Professor Wolff Heintschel von Heinegg from Viadrina European University, Air Commodore (ret.) William H. Boothby from the United Kingdom Royal Air Force, Professor Thomas C. Wingfield from the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies, Bruno Demeyere formerly from the Catholic University of Leuven, Professor Eric Talbot Jensen from Brigham Young University, Professor Sean Watts from Creighton University, Dr. Louise Arimatsu from Chatham House, Captain (Navy) Geneviève Bernatchez from the office of the judge advocate general of the Canadian Forces, Colonel Penny Cumming from the Australian Defence Force, Professor Robin Geiss from the University of Potsdam, Professor Terry D. Gill from the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands Defence Academy, and Utrecht University, Professor Derek Jinks from the University of Texas, Professor Jann Kleffner from the Swedish National Defence College, Dr. Nils Melzer from the Geneva Centre for Security Policy, and Brigadier General (ret.) Kenneth Watkin from the Canadian Forces. The technical advisors were Professor James Bret Michael from the United States Naval Postgraduate School as well as Dr. Kenneth Geers and Dr. Rain Ottis, both of whom previously were associated with the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence.