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Bertolino is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:
Enrique Bertolino (3 November 1912 – 1997) is an Argentine professional golfer.
Jean Bertolino (born 31 March 1936 in Marseille) is a French journalist and writer.
Bartolino (Bertolino) Ploti da Novara (died 1406-1410) was an Italian military architect and engineer.
In 1465, he painted frescoes for the Certosa of Pavia along with the Pavian painter Bertolino della Canonica.
The peace of Breno was signed on 31 December 1397 by the representative of the community of Bienno, Lanini Bertolino di Martino, who was a Ghibelline.
Following the closure of the Los Angeles production, Bertolino announced his intentions to produce a movie version of his play through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. At the campaign's conclusion, he had raised more than $25,000, meeting his original goals.
Over the years Barbera bianca has been known under a variety of synonyms including: Bertolino, Bertoulin, Caria l'Aso, Lardera, Lardera bianca, Lardera delle Langhe, Martinella, Martinetta, Ovata bianca, Peigein, Peigin, Peisìn, Peisin, Poison bianco, Poisino and Uva Ovata.
West Lebanon has its own baseball team, which plays at Bertolino Park. The team has won the most championships in the ICL, recently winning 11 championships in a row.
Glob is an Italian television comedy produced by Enrico Bertolino which addresses the language of communication used by the mass media and other such topics. The show offers numerous observations on the poor communication of television journalists.
Notable authors include Diane Glancy, Richard Hoffman, Charles Baxter, Kathryn Nocerino, James Bertolino, Robert Peters, Warren Woessner and Albert Goldbarth. New Rivers Press titles have been reviewed in "Publishers Weekly, Library Journal," "Booklist," and "Kirkus Reviews."
Among the poets featured in "Knockout"'s second issue were James Bertolino, Willis Barnstone, Louis Jenkins, Rika Lesser, William Baer, Reginald Shepherd, Nance Van Winckel, Christopher Howell, Tim Nolan, Elizabeth Bradfield, Robert Wrigley, Todd Boss and Denise Duhamel.
Bertolino Bragerio (active in 1288) was an Italian architect of the medieval period, active in Cremona. Along with Jacopo Camperio, he is crediting with erection of the Cathedral of Cremona.
Within the electoral divisions of Chile, Vicuña is represented in the Chamber of Deputies by deputies Marcelo Díaz (PS) and Mario Bertolino (RN) as a part of the 7th electoral district (together with La Serena, La Higuera, Paiguano and Andacollo). The commune is represented in the Senate by senators Evelyn Matthei (UDI) and Jorge Pizarro (PDC) as part of the 4th senatorial constituency (Coquimbo).
On September 17, 1423, the Bishop of Brescia Francesco Marerio invests iure feuds for a 10th of the rights in the territories of Monno, Cevo, Andrist, Grumello, Saviore, Cemmo, Ono, Sonico, Astri, Malegno, Cortenedolo, Vione, Incudine and Berzo Demo at Bertolino della Torre of Cemmo.
Within the electoral divisions of Chile, La Serena is represented in the Chamber of Deputies by Mario Bertolino (RN) and Marcelo Díaz (PS) as part of the 7th electoral district, (together with La Higuera, Vicuña, Paiguano and Andacollo). The commune is represented in the Senate by Evelyn Matthei Fornet (UDI) and Jorge Pizarro Soto (PDC) as part of the 4th senatorial constituency (Coquimbo Region).
The sacristy contains works attributed to Luchino Bianchini (1491). There are four reliefs by Benedetto Antelami, from 1178. The portal also has two carvings by Luchino Bianchino. Two great marble lions support the archivolt columns, and were carved in the 1281 by Giambono da Bissone. The Ravacaldi chapel has frescoes attributed to the studio of Bertolino de’Grassi.
In 2000, she started working on Rai 2 hosting the daily programme "Affari di cuore", until 2002, and then on the same TV channel other talk shows about love stories like "Batticuore" and "Scherzi d'amore". From 2003 to 2005 she hosted the hilarious late night show "Bulldozer" with Enrico Bertolino and then the TV events "Concerto di Natale" and "Bravograzie".
Gradually, Telejato turned to investigative reportage, first turning its attention to local polluters. The station has been sued "more than 200 times" from Distilleria Bertolino alone, on account of the many reportages carried out by Telejato into alleged pollution by the distillery factory.
The Deep Throat Sex Scandal is an American play by David Bertolino. It follows the life and career of Harry Reems as he enters the pornography industry, eventually filming "Deep Throat" opposite Linda Lovelace, and its resultant infamy and obscenity trial in Memphis, Tennessee.