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Examples of "bertomeu"
The FDM team includes Lluís Serra Majem (President), Francisco Sensat Alemany (Vice-president), Joan Castells Gómez (Director), Anna Bach and Blanca Roman (Science Coordinators) and Isabel Bertomeu (Nutritionist).
Ventura Bertomeu partnered up by her other compatriot David Marrero and won in the final 6–3, 6–3 over Ilija Bozoljac and Daniele Bracciali.
Orchestras as the ONE (National Orchestra of Spain), ORTVE (Spanish Radio TV Orchestra) Joven Orquesta de la Generalitat Valenciana, have recorded his music, including soloists such Narciso Yepes, Bertomeu Jaume, Manuel Galduf, etc.
The Paris shows at "Le Palais" were recorded by Philippe Lerichomme, mixed by Bruno Blum and engineer Thierry Bertomeu and issued as a double CD, "Gainsbourg et cætera" in 2006.
Jordi Bertomeu Orteu is a Spanish professional basketball administrator. He is the President, Chairman, and CEO of the Euroleague Basketball Company, which oversees the first-tier EuroLeague and second-tier EuroCup professional club continental-wide basketball leagues in Europe.
Emiliano Rodríguez, Francisco Buscató, Agustín Bertomeu, José Nora, Alfonso Martínez, Joaquín Ensenat, Santiago Navarro, José Lluis, Jorge Guillén, Jesús “Chus” Codina, Miguel Ángel González, Juan Martos (Coach: Eduardo Kucharski González)
Humbert's first artistic involvement was with Tanit, a band he formed in Paris in 1981 with Elsa Drezner and Thierry Bertomeu. The band released two EP records, "Can an Actor Bleed" and "To Alaska" before splitting up in 1985.
In March 2010, the management of Budivelnyk held a joint press conference with the CEO and President of Euroleague Basketball Company, Jordi Bertomeu, announcing that they might join the Euroleague in the next few years. Eventually, a wildcard was conceded to the team for the 2013–14 Euroleague.
Jamaican versions include Lone Ranger, Big Youth, Buffalo Bill, Lisa Dainjah, King Stitt and Brady. All tracks were mixed by veteran Jamaican sound engineer Soljie Hamilton. Serge Gainsbourg's other two reggae albums were also newly mixed by producer Bruno Blum with engineers Soljie Hamilton and Thierry Bertomeu.
"Gainsbourg... Et Cætera", a new Blum-produced mix (Thierry Bertomeu, engineer) of the poorly mixed, original Serge Gainsbourg live album "Enregistrement Public au Théâtre Le Palace" is released in 2006. This double CD includes five previously unreleased versions and an interview with Serge Gainsbourg.
In 1957 Laietà did not participate in the first Spanish basketball league, but it was invited to join it one year later when the league expanded to ten teams. It played one season in the first division but ended it being relegated. In 1962 Laietà finished as champion of the Second Division and came back up to the top league led by Agustí Bertomeu. One year later, the club was again relegated.
Ramón Cugat Bertomeu (L'Aldea (Spain) 1950) Specialist in Orthopedic Surgery, Dr. Cugat is internationally recognized for his expertise in orthopaedic sports medicine and arthroscopy. Expert in knee injuries. A pioneer in arthroscopic surgery in Spain. He was a member of the team of orthopedic surgeons in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. Since early 2000 he has used Growth Factors in his treatments and since 2013 stem cells in the repair of anterior cruciate ligament injuries and cartilage.
Over her career Klein has mentored a number of historians whose work now engages with the broader historical ontology developed in her research on the experimental sciences. This group of scholars includes Carsten Reinhardt at Bielefeld University (former director of the Chemical Heritage Foundation in Philadelphia, USA), Emma Spary at Cambridge University, Maria Rentetzi at the National Technical University of Athens, José Ramón Bertomeu-Sánchez at the University of Valencia and Matthew Daniel Eddy at Durham University.
However, no concrete action towards that end was taken before the summer 2000 ULEB-supported creation of Euroleague Basketball Company under the leadership of Jordi Bertomeu that immediately confronted FIBA Europe, then proceeded to take a handful of top European clubs into its new competition for the 2000-01 season thereby opening an organizational split in European club basketball. During the 2000-01 split in the continent's top club competition, local Balkan basketball administrators from the ULEB-affiliated clubs Cibona, Olimpija, and Budućnost (that already competed in this new 'breakaway' Euroleague competition) shifted the discussions of creating a regional Balkan-wide basketball league into higher gear.
Then in New Delhi, India, Aisam took part in the New Delhi Challenger, and was knocked out in the quarter-finals to World No. 78 Yen-Hsun Lu 7–6 3–6 5–7. He teamed up with Bopanna for the French Open where in a tough first round draw they took on first seeds Bob Bryan and Mike Bryan for the second time in a year, but lost 1–6 4–6. They both moved on to Wimbledon and knocked out Polish 10th seeds Mariusz Fyrstenberg and Marcin Matkowski 6–3 7–5 6–4. In the second round they lost to Marcel Granollers-Pujol and Santiago Ventura Bertomeu 2–6 4–6 2–6.
The band initially organized itself as a collective, but in practice Armando Oréfiche (composer, arranger, pianist) was the leader. Other band members were Ernesto 'Jaruco' Vázquez (trumpeter, guitarist, composer, arranger); Adalberto 'Chiquito' Oréfiche (tenor sax and bongo); Agustin Bruguera (timbales, conga, voice); Gerardo Bruguera (tenor sax and clarinet); Jesús Bertomeu (trombone); Jorge Domínguez (alto sax, clarinet, violin); Daniel González (alto sax, clarinet, violin); Guillermo Hernández (guitar, tumba, guiro, maracas); Enrique López Rivero (trumpet) 1932 34; Alberto Rabagliati (voice) engaged 1934; later Fernando Díaz and Luis Escalante were engaged as replacement trumpeters. In 1947 Bob (Irv) Mesher joined the group after a brief stint with Tito Puente, Tito Rodriguez and Pupi Campo. Irv took over the lead chair when Jaruco Vazquez left the band...
A second mix of this new recording was also released, charting at the #1 spot in the U.K. Echoes magazine in April 1998. This time it featured samples of Bob Marley & the Wailers' song "Selassie Is the Chapel" (adapted from "Crying in the Chapel"), where Bob and Rita Marley's voices can be heard on a sizeable part of the record, as well as Selassie's original "foundation lead vocal," creating a virtual duet between Haile Selassie I and his apostle Bob Marley. Both new versions were recorded at Kingston Musick Studio in Kingston, Jamaica, engineered by Rudy Thomas. They include Wailers survivors Aston "Family Man" Barrett on bass guitar and piano, Mikey "Boo" Richards" on drums and Earl "Wire" Lindo on keyboards, along with guitar and backing vocals by Bruno Blum. Percussionist Norbert "Nono" Nobour and backing singer Tatiana Prus were later added. The sessions were produced by Bruno Blum and mixed by Thierry Bertomeu at AB Studio in St. Denis, France.
Of the Casa de la Ciutat just has reached a few graphic documents of its facade and little documentation. However has come down the coffered ceiling of the so-called Golden Hall that made between 1418 and 1438 by Joan del Poyo would be saved from destruction to be demolished the building, being piled up in the old Archbishop's Palace. Between 1442 and 1445 the work was gilded and polychromed it being finished the work. Today it is restored and placed since 1920 on the main floor of the Pavilion of the Consulate of the Llotja de la Seda. This hall would be the main and most sumptuous of the building and its destination were meetings of jurors and representative functions. The elements that made up this coffered or more properly the alfarje were made up of heraldic motifs of the city, busts of prophets, grotesque masks, musical allusions, angels and chimeric animals among others. It was of polychrome and gilded wood. Joan del Poyo directed the work between 1418 and 1438 with a group of architects among which Bertomeu Santalinea, Juliá Sanxo, the brothers Joan y Andreu Çanou, Domingo Minguez (carvers) and the painter Jaume Mateu.