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Examples of "bertrand_russell"
-Bertrand Russell (1925) "What I Believe"; cited from p. 349 in "The Basic Writings of Bertrand Russell" (Routledge Classics, New York: 2009).
Bertrand Russell criticized Aquinas's philosophy stating that,
Bertrand Russell (1947) pointed out about Socrates
The philosopher Bertrand Russell wrote in his Autobiography:
Aldous Huxley, Bertrand Russell, Storm Jameson, Rose Macaulay, Donald Soper,
Bertrand Russell justified the establishment of this body as follows:
observation had been made earlier by Bertrand Russell:
Bertrand Russell criticizes Aristotle's logic on the following points:
He was godfather to the philosopher Bertrand Russell.
Bertrand Russell and Logical Truth,” Philosophia 27, 481-493 (1999).
The Bertrand Russell Society has three aims (Bylaws, Article 2):
Lady Katharine Jane Tait (née Russell; born 29 December 1923) is a British author and essayist. The daughter of Bertrand Russell and the eldest daughter of Dora (Black) Russell, she is a co-founder and Honorary Member of the Bertrand Russell Society. She has authored several essays about her father; as well as a book, "My Father, Bertrand Russell", which was published in 1975.
The Bertrand Russell Case edited by John Dewey and Horace M Kallen is a collection of articles on the 1940 dismissal of Bertrand Russell as Professor of Philosophy from the College of the City of New York.
The aspects of Bertrand Russell views on philosophy cover the changing viewpoints of philosopher and mathematician Bertrand Russell (1872–1970), from his early writings in 1896 until his death in February 1970.
The Bertrand Russell Society is a learned society whose purpose is to foster a better understanding of Bertrand Russell and his work. The Society was founded in 1974 by, among others, Lady Katharine Tait, Russell's only daughter.
Bertrand Russell expressed his sense of mathematical beauty in these words:
Kalib lists Noam Chomsky and Bertrand Russell as strong personal influences.
dealing with philosophical ideas about education in the work of Bertrand Russell.
Bertrand Russell, however, says of "Physics" and "On the Heavens" that they were:
Dunsany was nominated for the Nobel Prize by Irish PEN, but lost to Bertrand Russell.