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"L'Univers A Besoin D'amour" (1986) / (Duet with Paul Baillargeon known as "L'Univers A Besoin D'amour (Version Feux), 1986)
"N'importe. Poursuivons. L'histoire en a besoin."
"Je n'ai pas besoin d'amour" (Sans attendre, 2012)
"L'univers a besoin d'amour" is a non-album track.
"J'ai besoin d'un chum" (Dion chante Plamondon, 1991)
"Notre besoin de consolation est impossible a rassasier",Tetes raides, CD ""Banco"", 2007. "Corps de mots", CD booklet + DVD, 2013.
Tendrement, Lorie’s second album, saw the light in 2002 with three commercially successful singles: J'ai besoin d'amour, À 20 ans and Sur un air Latino.
"L'univers a besoin d'amour" (meaning "The Universe Needs Love") is a single by Celine Dion, released in 1986 in Quebec, Canada.
Preceding the release of "Besoin", Stéphanie released her début single "Ouragan", which she produced herself. It reportedly sold in more than 2 million units. Stéphanie then signed a recording contract with French record labels Julisa and Carrere. The album was produced by Yves Roze. "Besoin" was released in September 1986, incorporating dance-pop, synthpop, dance and pop music. Despite the success of her first album, Stéphanie did not make a follow-up for five years until the release of "Stéphanie" in 1991.
Croisille attempted to represent France in the Eurovision Song Contest 1974 with the song "Tu m'avais dit", but Dani was selected instead, although she did not participate due to Georges Pompidou's death being on the week in the contest. Her best known records are "I'll Never Leave You"; "Telephone-Moi"; "Une Femme avec Toi "; "J'ai besoin de toi, j'ai besoin de lui"; and "Parlez-moi de Lui". These are on YouTube.
In 1929 she published "The Life and Letters of Anne Isabella, Lady Noel Byron", on Lady Noel Byron, Byron's wife, and continung her speciality, published a translation of Charles du Bos's "Byron et le besoin de la fatalité" in 1932.
In 2001, Tarik contributed to the compilation Big Men, a blend of Raï and Reggae. Known for featuring a diversity of musical genres, the album became a hit thanks to the single, "J'ai pas besoin."
A French remake ("Pas besoin d'argent") and an Italian remake ("Non c'è bisogno di denaro") were made in 1933. Boese himself remade the story in 1953 under the title "The Uncle from America".
An English version of the song, re-entitled "When I Think About You" was also recorded. It was available digitally and on the promotional maxi CD of "J'ai besoin d'amour".
His first studio release was "Comme un frère", a duo recorded with his brother Pierrick Lilliu and appearing in Pierrick's album "Besoin d'espace". He was credited as Nicolas Lilliu on the album.
Dieu a besoin des hommes ("God Needs Man") is a 1950 French drama film directed by Jean Delannoy. At the 1st Berlin International Film Festival it won the Special Prize for an Excellent Film Achievement.
The single is also available on several of Stéphanie's other albums: "Besoin" (1986, number six on French Albums Chart, Gold), "Stéphanie" (1993), "Rendez-Vous" (2001, track 12), and "Ouragan" (best of). The song is also on numerous 1980s compilations.
In 2004, they were in the final of "Les voix de la chance" organized by "Française des Jeux 2004" where they sang a special song "Ceux qui ont besoin".
After the show, he recorded his first single, "À cœur ouvert", he first sang on stage on 19 May, officially released on 30 May 2005. His album "Besoin d'espace" (Need of space) went on sale on 17 October 2005.
Besoin (French: "Need") is the debut studio album released by Princess Stéphanie of Monaco. The album was released in 1986 through Julisa and Carrere Records. Produced by Yyves Roze, it was released as "Stéphanie" in some countries. "Besoin" reached number six at the French Albums Chart and the Swedish Albums Chart, number twelve at the German Albums Chart, and number 59 at the Austrian Albums Chart. It reportedly sold in approximately 1.5 million units, and achieved gold status in France for over 100,000 units.