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kiskissink              zec              tawachiche              mitchinamecus              creuzier              loudenvielle              wessonneau              petawaga              lillemer              ivanska              cirgues              bahlui              sableuse              cavron              peyrilhac              champtauroz              montboudif              ubraye              autafond              aigouze              burlats              combremont              curton              caupenne              lacrouzette              mayronnes              serruelles              cousance              savournon              onatchiway              buzet              wayagamac              vrbina              valsavarenche              massegros              cubolta              chaussin              estanys              millonfosse              lantosque              engaly              tolsti              putscheid              korito              yorosso              courgevaux              frontenex              brnaze              fardes              vallamand             

Examples of "bessonne"
The “Rivière du Milieu” flows entirely in forest land. The route starts near the river (southeast) of Lake Wayagamac. Much of its course is located in the Zec of Bessonne, but the last kilometers through the Zec Tawachiche.
The toponym "Zec de la Bessonne" was officialized on August 5, 1982 at the Bank of Names Places of Commission de toponymie du Québec (Geographical Names Places of Qubec).
The Zec de la Bessonne is a "zone d'exploitation contrôlée" (controlled harvesting area) (ZEC) near La Tuque in administrative region of Mauricie, in Quebec, in Canada. A territory of was assigned in 1978 to the Zec.
The term "Bessonne" identifying a river, two lakes, one island, a dam and a zec (controlled harvesting zone) are related. These toponyms derivate from the name of the river.
Southern territory of the ZEC offers a mountain bike circuit and a marked snowmobile trail. These trails allow to link Rivière-à-Pierre and La Tuque via Portneuf Wildlife Reserve and Zec de la Bessonne.
Like other zec of Québec, the ZEC the Bessonne is not a protected area recognized by the Government of Quebec. By exception, logging and mining are permitted. A heronry and bird colony are based on Steamboat Island, located in the center of Lake Wayagamac. The lake also serves as a water intake for the La Tuque municipal water system.
Zec the Bessonne is not a protected area recognized by the Government of Quebec, like all other zecs; forestry and mining are allowed. However, the island "Steamboat" is recognized as Heronry and bird colony, which is located in the center of Lake Wayagamac.
Zec is accessible by the Route 367 through Portneuf Wildlife Reserve westerly Vermilion gate in Rivière-à-Pierre or through the Route 155 in La Tuque via Zec de la Bessonne Wayagamak gate. Zec is also accessible by train by Montreal – Jonquière train of Via Rail which crosses from south to north.
The Wayagamac Lake is located in the city of La Tuque in La Tuque (census division), in Mauricie, in Quebec, in Canada. Until 2006, the territory of the lake was part of the former unorganized territory of Petit-Lac-Wayagamac (Little Wayagamac Lake), before being merged to the La Tuque. The area of the lake is administered by the Zec of Bessonne.
The territory of the ZEC Jeannotte is located thirty kilometers (direct line) at east of La Tuque. It shares its boundaries with the Zec de la Rivière-Blanche in the southwest, the Portneuf Wildlife Reserve in south and Zec de la Bessonne in the east. The territory of the ZEC is shared by the municipalities of La Tuque and Lac-Édouard.
"Zec de la Bessonne" is a land of , located in Mauricie, in La Tuque (urban agglomeration). Its territory is shared by the city of La Tuque and municipalities La Bostonnais, Quebec and Lac-Edouard. It is bordered to the East by the Zec Jeannotte, Québec and Portneuf Wildlife Reserve, and to the South by Zec Tawachiche. It is located at east of downtown La Tuque.
Jeannotte River is a river that rises in Lac Edouard in the municipality of Lac-Édouard in Haute-Mauricie, agglomerated with the city of La Tuque since 2003, in the administrative region of Mauricie, in the province of Quebec, Canada. The head of the Jeannotte River is one of the two emissaries of Lake Edward (outfall located in the southern part of Lake Edward, in of the village while the other envoy, the head of the Batiscan River, is near the village, near the former sanatorium). The Jeannotte River, whose course is , is in the valley of the Batiscanie, Quebec. The upper segment of the path of the Jeannotte River marks the Zec de la Bessonne and Zec Jeannotte, then the river flows through the Zec Jeannotte, incorporated in 1978.