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yaruro              allentiac              chocoan              cayubaba              canichana              otopamean              cotoname              candoshi              mayoruna              pacawara              omurano              cayuvava              katembri              comecrudan              cocama              huarpe              kandoshi              milykayak              cahuapana              subtiaba              taruma              itonama              puquina              andoke              maipure              tequiraca              munichi              oluta              mixteco              puinave              tlapanec              kichua              chiapanec              zaparo              misumalpan              ignaciano              quichua              maropa              ixcatec              sabela              paezan              olutec              jicaque              kokama              tlacolulita              cahuapanan              aimara              coahuilteco              huehuetla              lencan             

Examples of "betoi"
Betoi ("Betoy") or Betoi-Jirara is an extinct language of Venezuela, south of the Apure River near the modern border with Colombia. The names Betoi and Jirara are those of two of its peoples/dialects; the language proper has no known name. At contact, Betoi was a local lingua franca spoken between the Uribante and Sarare rivers and along the Arauca. Enough was recorded for a brief grammatical monograph to be written (Zamponi 2003).
Betoi is generally seen as an isolate, though Kaufman (2007) included it in Macro-Paesan.
Prior to Curnow's correction, the Paezan "family" had been connected to various other families. Greenberg included Paezan in a "Macro-Chibchan" (or "Chibchan–Paezan") stock with Barbacoan, Chibchan, Chocoan, Jirajaran, and the isolates Betoi, Kamsá (Sibundoy), Yaruro, Esmeraldeño, Mochica, Cunza (Atacameño), Itonama, and Yurumanguí. Morris Swadesh's "Paezan" included Páez, Barbacoan, Coconucan, Andaquí, Cunza, Kapixana, and Mashubí. Kaufman's (1990, 1994) "Macro-Páesan "cluster"" proposal included "Paesan" (as explained above)–Barbacoan, Cunza–Kapixana, Betoi, Itonama, and Warao.
Constenla's (1991) Colombian–Central American area consists primarily of Chibchan languages, but also include Lencan, Jicaquean, Misumalpan, Chocoan, and Betoi (Constenla 1992:103). This area consists of the following areal traits.
The Jirajaran languages are generally regarded as isolates. Adelaar and Muysken note certain lexical similarities with the Timotean languages and typological similarity to the Chibchan languages, but state that the data is too limited to make a definitive classification. Jahn, among others, has suggested a relation between the Jirajaran language and the Betoi languages, mostly on the basis of similar ethnonyms. Greenberg and Ruhlen classify Jirajaran as belonging to the Paezan language family, along with the Betoi languages, the Páez language, the Barbacoan languages and others.
Greenberg proposed a broader conception of Macro-Chibchan, one dismissed by linguists working on the families in question. It included Yanomam, Purépecha, and Cuitlatec in addition to Chibchan–Misulmalpan–Xinca–Lenca. Greenberg (1987) included Paezan languages in a Chibchan-Paezan stock with Barbacoan, Chibchan, Chocoan, Jirajaran, and the isolates Betoi, Kamsá (Sibundoy language), Yaruro, Esmeraldeño, Mochica, Cunza, Itonama, and Yurumanguí.
Cephalotes betoi is a species of arboreal ant of the genus "Cephalotes", characterized by an odd shaped head and the ability to "parachute" by steering their fall if they drop off of the tree they're on. Giving their name also as gliding ants.