Synonyms for beung or Related words with beung

angk              praek              chrey              lvea              khpos              rumduol              trabaek              thnong              boeng              trapeang              andaeuk              krasang              preaek              tnaot              pongro              thnal              tbaeng              thlok              samraong              khnar              damnak              slaeng              knong              andoung              thmei              sangkae              kouk              ruessei              chambak              stueng              khsach              paoy              sralau              sambour              kaeut              dorng              daeum              chhuk              kaev              chrum              tuek              chrak              khnor              chuor              phlov              damrei              tboung              russei              teuk              poun             

Examples of "beung"
Muay Lao at the 2009 Southeast Asian Games was held in Beung Kha Ngong Sport Centre, Vientiane, Laos.
Roanoke enrolled its first international students in the late 19th century; the first Mexican student in 1876 and the first Japanese student in 1888. The first Korean to graduate from an American college or university, Surh Beung Kiu, graduated in 1898.
The district is easily accessed by road or river from Kampong Cham city. The Beung Ket Rubber plantation covers much of the northern part of the district and a long stretch of the Mekong River is part of the district to midstream. Steung Trang town lies on National Road 222 which runs from Kampong Cham city to Chamkar Leu town.