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arnam              nieuwenhoven              gennip              heyningen              zanten              laethem              tieghem              bueren              grieken              krieken              rhijn              kooten              sinderen              staveren              zwieten              laarhoven              vleet              alstine              gilst              ooteghem              gerven              waes              wijmen              deuren              moppes              griensven              itallie              dijck              zoelen              vlierberghe              duijn              rompay              straaten              raamsdonk              obberghen              tamelen              leemput              bilsen              dooren              ryzin              vugt              rompaey              genderen              noort              kemenade              beilen              miert              veelen              adrichem              lerberghe             

Examples of "beurden"
Ben van Beurden (born 23 April 1958) is the CEO of Royal Dutch Shell plc. Van Beurden joined Shell in 1983, after graduating with a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.
Roermond has had its own anthem since 1912. The text was written by A. F. van Beurden, the music is by H. Tijssen, who also composed the Limburg Anthem ("Waar in 't bronsgroen eikenhout").
Since 3 January 2014, Ben van Beurden is CEO of Shell. His Predecessor was Peter Voser who became CEO of Shell on 1 July 2009. Voser, who is Swiss, was the first non-Dutch, non-British CEO of the company.
Born on 23 April 1958, Van Beurden is a Dutch citizen. With his wife Stacey, he has three daughters and a son. According to his official bio, he enjoys reading, running and travelling with his family.
TU Delft alumni executives include Jeroen van der Veer, former CEO of Royal Dutch Shell, Ben van Beurden current CEO of Royal Dutch Shell, Frits Philips, fourth chairman of the board of directors of Philips and Gerard Philips, co-founder of Philips. Laurens van den Acker is a Dutch automobile designer and the Vice President of Renault Corporate Design.
Van Beurden's career in Shell spans both Upstream and Downstream businesses. He has held a number of operational and commercial roles including those in Chemicals and LNG. In his 30 year career in Shell, Van Beurden has worked in a number of geographies, from his native Netherlands, to Malaysia, United Kingdom and the United States. Before becoming the CEO of Shell, Van Beurden was the Director of Shell's Downstream business from January to September 2013. Prior to this, he was the Executive Vice President Chemicals from December 2006 based out of London, when he served on the boards of a number of leading industry associations, including the International Council of Chemical Associations and the European Chemical Industry Council. He has held a number of key roles in the group's Upstream and Downstream businesses, including the post of Vice President Manufacturing Excellence from January 2005.
Lauded for his “deep knowledge of the industry and proven executive experience across a range of Shell businesses”, Van Beurden is credited with turning around Shell’s struggling chemicals division. From a loss making enterprise in 2008, the Chemicals business now contributes 5 percent of net earnings. He also worked for a third of his 30-year Shell career in its liquefied natural gas business, which has become a crucial driver of the group’s growth.
It was unclear if Shell would recommence drilling in mid-2013, following the "Kulluk" incident and, in February 2013, the corporation stated that it would "pause" its closely watched drilling project off the Alaskan coast in 2013, and will instead prepare for future exploration. In January 2014, the corporation announced the extension of the suspension of its drilling program in the Arctic, with chief executive van Beurden explaining that the project is "under review" due to both market and internal issues.
Over the course of 2013, the corporation began the sale of its US shale gas assets and cancelled a US$20 billion gas project that was to be constructed in the US state of Louisiana. A new CEO Ben van Beurden was appointed in January 2014, prior to the announcement that the corporation's overall performance in 2013 was 38 per cent lower than 2012—the value of Shell's shares fell by 3 per cent as a result. Following the sale of the majority of its Australian assets in February 2014, the corporation plans to sell a further US$15 billion worth of assets in the period leading up to 2015, with deals announced in Australia, Brazil and Italy.