Synonyms for beyeri or Related words with beyeri

laticeps              bilineatus              ciliatus              taeniatus              cognatus              fasciolatus              rostratus              steindachneri              guentheri              multipunctatus              macrostigma              subulatus              macrops              parallelus              auriculatus              necturus              maculosus              petersii              denticollis              conspicuus              spinifer              mocquard              signatus              clandestinus              oblongus              costatus              loveridgei              complanata              acutirostris              granulatus              obtusus              pulchellus              cincta              stanleyi              werneri              bifasciatus              annectans              fenestratus              petersi              ptychadena              stigmatica              punctatissima              cyprinoides              dichrous              immaculatus              virgatus              peracca              nasuta              egregia              grandiceps             

Examples of "beyeri"
The taxonomy of "N. alabamensis" is poorly understood. It is believed to be related to "N. maculosus" and "N. beyeri". It is known to hybridize with "N. beyeri", though electrophoretical evidence suggests they are separate species.
Stenosphenus beyeri is a species of beetle in the family Cerambycidae. It was described by Schaeffer in 1905.
Among the faunal fossils discovered were from Stegodon sp., Elephas sp (large)., Elephas beyeri Von Koenigsvald (dwarf), Rhinoceros philippinensis, Cerpis sp. and Bovid sp.
Elephas beyeri is an extinct species of dwarf elephant belonging to the Elephantidae family. It was named after the anthropologist H. Otley Beyer. The type specimen was discovered on Cabarruyan Island in The Philippines but has since been lost. Further fossils were found in Visayas and at a number of sites in Luzon. It is unclear if these belonged to "Elephas beyeri" or "Elephas namadicus" due to their fragmented nature and the missing holotype.
The Gulf Coast waterdog ("Necturus beyeri") is a species of aquatic salamander in the family Proteidae. It is native to the southeastern United States, where it occurs in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. This may be a species complex that could be split into different taxa as research indicates. It is closely related to "Necturus alabamensis".