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sthan              bhagawati              devasthana              parameswari              kaliamman              ravalnath              thirukovil              angala              mataji              derasar              devasthan              devalayam              vitthal              rajarajeshwari              jageshwar              siddeshwar              dhama              peringottukara              godiji              vinayakar              andavar              arulmigu              ambaji              utthari              tample              pillayar              dharmasastha              kshethram              bhawani              atishaya              hanumanji              venkataramana              sametha              tirth              kshethra              mahavirji              pillaiyar              teerth              kotturu              bhagavathi              siddheshwar              oachira              gangamma              mookambika              umiya              ambabai              avani              potta              chottanikkara              sathru             

Examples of "bhairavnath"
Maharashtra. Jakhangaon's village-deity is "Bhairavnath".
Bhairavnath Road is an area located in Ahmedabad, India.
The God Bhairavnath is GRAMDAIVAT of village. The three sides of village has surrounded by hills.
Shri Ram, Hanuman, Lakshmi, Tukai, Divyai, Bhairavnath, Sant Savatamali, Baneshwar, Vitthal Rukmini, Ganpati, Dattatray and many temples are part of cultural heritage of Baner. The most prominent temple in Baner is the Bhairavnath Temple, located on middle of the town. During Navratri, there is a large procession to this temple and worshippers gather from around the town to pray here. Shree Bhairavnath is Gramdaivat of Baner. On every Akshaytritiya people celebrates "Urus" here which continuous for 3–4 days. In Urus they organize Tamasha, Kusti and fair. Dattajayanti, Ram Navami, Savatamali Punyatithi, Bhagwanbaba and Navratri are big festivals of Baner. Bhairavnath Devasthan trust organizes "Ek Gav Ganpati Miravnuk Ek" program every year which gives Ganpati Mandal's to show their talent in front of whole township. On Hanuman Jayanti every year people celebrates "Bagada Festival" in the evening.
Bhairavnath Religious Festival (Yatra)is held every year in the month of Kartik (Oct/Nov) and pilgrims around the neighborhood gather in great numbers. Bhima river is near to this place.
A popular location of Village are; Muktabai Temple, Hanuman Temple, Sawata Mali Temple Dhadgevadi,Saibaba Temple,Munjoba Temple, Gunmal, Lake 1, Lake 2, Railway Station, Kumjai,bhairavnath temple,Bajartal.
Many Govt and Private organization and individual donor supports the program. Trustees of the Indian Institute Of Education manages Vigyan Ashram. They had started IBT cources in high schools. First batch was started at Shri Bhairavnath Vidya Mandir, Pabal.
He prayed to Shree Bhairavnath, a deity for Shree Kalyan Swami. Running his hand over Shree Kalyan Swami's body from head to foot, he said, 'Kalyan, arise' ; and the latter got up. He would have started out again, had not the Shree Samarth Ramdas Swami told him that the leaves were no longer necessary.
There is a big temple of the god Bhairavnath and Maruti. Every summer the festival of Bahiravnath is organized in marathi Month of "Vaishakh". From the festival of "Nag Panchami" here in village seven day Programme of Bhajan and Kirtan front of the temple Maruti. There is another big temple in "Vitthalwadi" of Hindu gods Panduranga and Rukhmini.
The temple in the town - Shri Laxminarayan Temple - is the main temple of Peshwas. The idol in the temple is quite old and is said to be of Hoysala architecture style. The other temples in the town are of Kusumdevi, Somjai, Bhairavnath and Jivaneshwar.
The Bhairavnath Battalion is an Army Battalion in the Nepalese Army as the elite special forces unit of the Nepalese Army. The battalion was trained by the Israeli Special Forces, IDF to fulfil a need to establish a special forces wing to modernize the army.
Mr. Patil involves himself in social services like the setting up of the New English School at Landewadi. He is also set up a co-operative pathasanstha which lends money to the needy and also provides employment to the youth of the area. The Bhairavnath Co-operative Credit Society was also founded by Mr. Patil.
The walvane village is famous for the Godest Shri Bhairavnath.Every festival in indian culture including every cast and religion's festibals are celebrated hapily.In walvane the Shri Bhairavnath vidyalaya and Z.P. pri. school are situated which is very nice and provide good quality teaching.It belongs to the Khandesh and Northern Maharashtra region. It is located west from District headquarters Ahmednagar. from State capital Mumbai.
This fort is believed to be ancient and almost 2500 years old.This fort has only few ruins and remains on the top.There are two big caves on the top in which one cave is a shrine of Lord Bhairavnath and another cave is used for residence purpose for trekkers and visitors
Picnic Spots & Holy places : Kulswami Khanderaiya, Loni, Dhamni, Bhargarvrao Valti, Narsingh Devalay, Ram Mandir (Ranjani), Velleshawar Mahadev Devsthan (Kurwandi), Aaradhya Devat Shree Ram Mandir Pimplegaon (Khadki), Sant Dnyaneshwar Temple (Chas), Tapneshwar Mahadev (Manchar), Gorakshnath Mandir (Avsari Phata), Bhairavnath Devsthan (Avsari), Harishchandra Mandir Ghodegaon, Ashtavinayak Ardhpeeth Vadgaon Kashimbeg, Rameshwar Mahadev Pandavkalin Babruvahanhi Mandir Manipur (Manchar), Mahadev Dongar (Kadewadi, Chas), Ghodnadi Source, (Ahupe), Peth Avasari Ghat. Huge walls and entry Gate of Holkars Period, Ranjan khalge and film shooting spot (Chas), Shamadhar Parvat Eklahare, Kamaljadevi Mandir (Kalamb), Dhimbhe Dam and Water power project, Shree Vakeshwar Mandir (Peth), Sauranginath suvar parvat Bhavandi, Kamaljadevi shaktipeeth (Bhimashankar), Bhairavnath Mandir (Landewadi), Datta Mandir (Shinoli), Pach Pir (Vadgaon), Ram Mandir (Ambegaon Gavthan), Ahilyabai Holkar Fort (Vafgaon), Telecommunication Center,Narodi ( shiv mandir , vishanu temple), Holkar Wada and Temple, Jogeshwari Well made by Smt. Ahilyabai Holkar(Khadki), Thapling(Shri Khanderaya Temple)(Nagapur).shree kulswami Khanderaya Temple(peth, khandobamal) .
Bhairav or Bhairavnath is a famous tantrik of Hindu mythology. Bhairavnath was a disciple of Gorakhnath, whose guru was the Matsyendranath. He was considered to have control over all tantrik siddhis and had grown arrogant of his power. He went after Vaishno Devi, considering her to be a little girl. It was only when mata Vaishno Devi took the form of Kali to behead him he realized her true form and asked for forgiveness. In his dying moments, Bhairav pleaded for forgiveness. The Goddess knew that Bhairav's main intention in attacking her was to achieve his salvation. She not only granted Bhairav liberation from the cycle of reincarnation, but also granted him a boon, whereby every devotee, in order to ensure completion of the pilgrimage of Vaishno Devi, shall also have to visit Bhairav Nath's temple near the Holy cave after having the darshan of the Goddess.
Pakbirra Jain temple is a collection of three temples. Relics here date back to the ninth and tenth centuries AD. Most impressive of sculptures present in this temple is the colossal 7.5 feet high statue Shitalnatha and 8 feet high statue of Padmaprabha carved of polished black stone. Statue of Padmaprabha is also worshipped as Bhairavnath by people of Hindus faith. The temple has many sculptures including sculptures of Tirthankar Rishabhnath, Parshvanatha, Mahavira along with Goddess Devi Ambika and Padmavati.
Vita is well known for its festival celebrations. The biggest and best being Dusserra, wherein the palakhis of Revansiddha and Bhairavnatha compete against each other. Revansiddha GOD is considered as the guest of Vita hence its Palakhi is given the benefit of starting the race 100 meters ahead of Vita Bhairavnatha Palakhi. People from across the state come to see this event. Vita is also famous for its Bhairavnath Yatra. Vitekars celebrate all festivals including EID with equal enthusiasm.
Lunawada is known for the temple of Luneshwar Mahadev. This ancient temple of Lord Shiva has a lot of religious importance as it is said that the Pandavas dwelled at this temple during their stay in the forest. The statue of Lord Shiva Lingam is of white stone found in the quarries of Madhya Pradesh. There is a Saint Kabir Ashram opposite to this Shiva temple. All the walls of this Ashram are engraved with the Dohas of Saint Kabir. Another ancient temple of Bhairavnath Mahadev is situated near the Luneshwar Mahadev temple. This temple has a statue of Bhairav and one of Lord Shiva.
Kunnur has a great Traditional Background. Hanuman temple, Vitthal Mandir, Ram Mandir, Datta mandir,Jain Basti, Muslim Masjid, Veerbhadra temple, Bhairavnath Temple are placed in one area which are nearer to each other. Sangameshwar Mandir is also one of the Jagrut Temple which is located outside the village around 3.5 km from the main village.Kunnur is surrounded by two rivers Dudhganga and Vedganga. The beautiful mahadev temple is located where these two rivers meet. Every year in Jan or Feb month big "mela"(Yatra)arranged in this place. Kunnur is well known for Hanuman temple. The Hanuman committee during Hanuman Jayanti, 11 days cultural programs arranges and people from nearby villages come in large number to take blessings of God Hanuman and enjoys the cultural activities.