Synonyms for bhaktha or Related words with bhaktha

pattathu              bandham              kutumbam              mangalya              rahasyam              raktha              mitrulu              geetham              ulagam              thilakam              kodalu              yudham              uthama              raasa              kaattu              thilagam              hrudaya              kudumba              kizhakku              thaai              theerpu              ponnu              kannappa              kanasu              iddaru              varavu              ranadheera              thedi              manushya              nooru              rajavu              paattu              samsaram              sabatham              kapuram              njaan              vayasu              vendum              gejje              ninne              thacholi              azhagiya              puthu              thaayi              dongalu              neeku              poocha              sivappu              naanu              paravai             

Examples of "bhaktha"
"Bhaktha Prahlada", "Eradu Nakshatragalu", "Samayadha Gombe", "Shravana Banthu", "Yaarivanu", "Apoorva Sangama", "Jwalamukhi", "Dhruvathara", "Bhagyadha Lakshmi Baramma",
The Sri Bhaktha Ramadas Memorial Festival is celebrated every year between 28 April and 2 May.
Sri Bhaktha Anjaneya Temple, located in Urbana, serves Frederick's Hindu community.
People from various places, with lot of faith in their heart, visit this temple to have a glimpse of Shri Bhaktha Anjaneyar. They worship him with utmost devotion in their mind, heart and soul to get the blessings with a belief that their wishes shall be fulfilled after getting the darshan of Shri Bhaktha Anjaneyar.
Inside the shrine of this temple, Shri Bhaktha Anjaneyar is installed with a big Gada on his left hand with a graceful look. This Gada is Shri Bhaktha Anjaneyar’s weapon to destroy the sins and calamities from the world. This whole appearance of Lord Shri Anjeeneyar in the shrine gives an unknown strength and faith to the devotees.
Bhaktha Vijaya () is a 1956 Indian Kannada language film directed by Aruru Pattabhi. The film stars Rajkumar and Pandari Bai in lead roles.
There is a believe that lord venkateshwara used to come to the hill to have food offered by his bhaktha (laxmamma).
He acted in a Tamil movie "Bhaktha Nandhanar" released on 1 January 1935 as the landlord Vedhiyar. The famous K.B. Sundarambal acted as Nandhanar in this movie.
He has worked as an associate in many great movies like Bangaarada Manushya, Bhaktha Khumbara, BabruVaahana, Naa Ninna Marayalaare, Mayor Muthanna etc.
Andhra Pradesh is home to Shankaracharya of Pushpagiri Peetham. Other Hindu saints include Sadasiva Brahmendra, Bhaktha Kannappa, Yogi Vemana, Yogi Sri Potuluri Virabrahmendra Swami.
Two religious centers were established as well: a Roman Catholic, Jesuit Saint Ignatius of Loyola parish (originally from Buckeystown, MD and with another church building in Urbana); and the Hindu Sri Bhaktha Anjaneya Temple, the "only [Hindu] temple in the United States dedicated to [Bhaktha]-Anjaneya." The temple was completed in late 2014-early 2015, while the church has stood since the 1980s and undergone several expansions to accommodate new parishioners.
Bhaktha Hanuman is a 1980 Indian Malayalam film, directed by Ganga and produced by S. Kumar. The film stars and in lead roles. The film had musical score by V. Dakshinamoorthy.
A story from a well known book titled Sri Maha Bhaktha Vijayam was selected by the Story department of Gemini Studios. The film was named Chakradhari ("He who holds the wheel") - a name attributed to the Hindu God Vishnu.
Further, this temple is located in the centre of No-246 Pandiya Vellalar Thottam,Muthanamptti Pudur - East, Near Surabi college.Earlier, Shri Bhaktha Anjaneyar Temple was called as a Tulasi Garden.
Sri Rama and Bhaktha Gentela Narayana Rao Government Degree College in short SR&BGNR Degree College is the major degree college in Khammam, Telangana offering Degree and Post graduate courses. It is affiliated to Kakatiya University.
Shri Bhaktha Anjaneyar Temple is situated in Muthanamptti Pudur - East Village on the way to dindigul Palani road which is 5 km away from dindigul Taluk, Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu, India.
The Sai Bhaktha Nivas is a place made for the visitors where in rooms are available to stay, and also a kalyana mandapam (wedding hall) for some auspicious functions such as marriages, upanayana (sacred thread initiation ceremony), akshara bhyasam etcetera.
The story of Prahlada has been the theme of various films, including "Bhakta Prahlada" (1931 film), which was first Telugu talkie movie made in 1931, followed by "Bhaktha Prahlada" (1942 film) (1942). In Kannada, the story has been portrayed in "Bhakta Prahlada" (1942 film), "Bhakta Prahlada" (1958 film) and "Bhakta Prahlada" (1983 film). Tamil films, "Bhaktha Prahlada" (1942) and "Bhakta Prahlada" (1967) both directed by Chitrapu Narayana Rao, besides Malayalam film, "Prahlada" (1941), Hindi film, "Bhakta Prahlad" (1946) directed by Dhirubhai Desai and Bengali film "Prahlad" (1952).
Like His ancestors, Brahmashri Vittaldas is equally a talented scholar and has been preaching and giving discourses on Ramayana, Bhagavatham, Narayaneeyam and other epics. Like His Guru Swamy Haridhos Giri Swamigal, Brahmashri Vittaldas is blessed with the art of doing Namasankeerthanam. His Abhang Bhajan (Maharashtra devotional songs) and musical discourses especially Sri Bhaktha Vijayam, makes any listener blissfully happy and rapturous.
He is an actor who handled hero roles during the 1970s .His movies are Dasavatharam (1976, Telugu) as Lord Vishnu, Seetha Swayamvaram(hindi) or Seetha kalyanam(Director Bapu) in telugu as Lord Rama, Sri Murugan as Lord Murugan,Bhaktha Hanuman as Lord Rama