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paharpur              shankarpur              bhagwanpur              lakhanpur              radhanagar              puraini              madanpur              sankarpur              gobindpur              lalpur              manpur              gokulpur              dumri              bahadurpur              kotturu              gopalnagar              borgaon              ramchandrapur              shirgaon              sonbarsa              venkatapur              devgaon              pimpalgaon              deogaon              madhuban              pratappur              hariharpur              chincholi              jitpur              gadarpur              maheshpur              bhabanipur              rayavaram              bhatpura              pokhariya              dataganj              kendua              ramkrishnapur              gopalpura              kulathur              hansapur              kadipur              hasanpur              ibrahimpur              sonapur              hakimpur              kudligi              bishanpur              deurali              baheri             

Examples of "bhimpur"
Gram panchayats of Salboni block/ panchayat samiti are: Bankibundh, Bhimpur, Bishnupur, Debagram, Germal, Karnagarh, Kashijora, Lalgeria, Salboni and Satpathi.
Gram panchayats of Krishnanagar I block/ panchayat samiti are: Asannagar, Bhaluka, Bhandarkhola, Bhatjangla, Bhimpur, Chakdignagar, Deypara, Dignagar, Dogachi, Joania, Poragacha and Ruipukur.
Villages in Furfura panchayat are as follows: Furfura, Purba Durgapur, Gopalnagar, Hosenpur, Dakshindihi, Rampara, Toralpur, Chak Barada, Belpara, Ramnagar, Nilarpur, Charpur, Bakcha, Kashipur, Ramchandrapur, Hazipur, and Bhimpur.
As per orders of the Delimitation Commission, No. 83 Krishnanagar Uttar (Vidhan Sabha constituency) is composed of the following: Krishnanagar municipality, and Bhandar Khola, Bhimpur, Asannagar, Dogachhi and Pora Gachha gram panchayats of Krishnanagar I community development block.
Dr. Motahar Hossain was an Indian politician, belonging to the Indian National Congress. Hossain was born in Bhimpur, Birbhum District in May 1932, son of Korban Hossain. He was a medical doctor by profession.
This constituency includes Khallikote, Purusottampur, Khallikote block and 10 Gram panchayats (Achuli, Handighar, K.N Pur, Pratappur, Ranajhali, Raipur, Solaghara, Jagannathpur, Baghala, Bhatakumarada, Sunathara, Badabaragam, Bhimpur, Gangadehuni and Jamuni) of Purusottampur block.
As per orders of the Delimitation Commission, No. 234 Salboni (Vidhan Sabha constituency) is composed of the following: Bhimpur, Bishnupur, Debgram, Lalgeria and Shalboni gram panchayats of Salboni community development block, Goaltor, Gohaldanga, Jeerapara, Makli, Patharpara and Pingbani gram panchayats of Garhbeta II community development block, and Garhbeta III community development block.
This rural area is under the jurisdiction of Krishnanagar–I block consists of 12 gram panchayats, viz. Assannagar, Bhatjungla, Dignagar, Joania, Bhaluka, Bhimpur, Dogachi, Poragachha, Bhandarkhola, Chakdilnagar, Daypara and Ruipukur. Urban area under this block consists of one census town: Baruihuda. Krishnanagar police station serves this block. Headquarters of this block is in Krishnagar Road.
Bhimashankar Jyotirlinga (Dakinyam), Bhimpur, is a Hindu temple situated in the western part of the holy Mahendragiri mountains on the Mahendratanaya river in the Indian state of Orissa. It is debated to be the Dakini area and the Jyotirlingam found there is believed to be one among the 12 Jyotirlingams.
According to "Linga Puran", Bhimasankar temple in Bhimpur is around 100 km from Rayagada and around 30 km from Gunupur is one of the Jyotirling, situated at the western part of the holy Mahendragiri mountains and at the river bank of Mahendratanaya (which is also believed as the Daakini area by many historian), was excavated in 1974, having quadrangular Shakti around the Linga and decorated by a Upavita as per the puran.
Large villages in Krishnanagar I CD Block were (2011 census figures in brackets): Hara Nagar (4,137), Rui Pukur (P) (7,823), Simul Tala (4,936), Sabarna Behar (15,461), Amghata (8,037), Usidpur (5,847), Bhaluka (14,653), Dignagar (6,023), Itla (6,097), Jahangirpur (6,144), Krishnanagar (P) (13,640), Naldaha (6,447), Kulgachhi (5,003), Jatrapur (6,464), Dogachhi (P) (7,012), Jalalkhali (8,251), Dakshinjhitkipota (8,816), Durgapur (4,929), Senpur (7,286), Asannagar (12,794), Dafarpota (9,295) and Bhimpur (8,057).
There is a Bhimashankar Temple near Pune in Maharashtra, which was also referred to as Daakini country and considered as one of the Jyotirlinga. Bhimshankar temple near Guwahati, Assam is the jyotirlinga according to Sivapuran. According to "Linga Puran", Bhimshankar Temple at Bhimpur near Gunupur of Rayagada Distrist in South Orissa is debated as one of the Jyotirling, which is at the western part of the holy Mahendragiri mountains and at the river.
According to "Linga Puran", Bhimasankar temple in Bhimpur is around 100 km from Rayagada and around 30 km from Gunupur is one of the Jyotirling, situated at the western part of the holy Mahendragiri mountains and at the river bank of Mahendratanaya (which is also believed as the Daakini area by many historian), was excavated in 1974, having quadrangular Shakti around the Linga and decorated by a Upavita as per the puran.
The squads had started operation in one of the most infamous place known as Jhitkha Jungle, which is considered to be Maoist's den keeping in front the COBRA force dividing in two different groups of about 200 soldiers. The sanitization operation to flush out the Maoists in Jhitkha Jungle by the COBRA forces who arrived at Bhimpur at around 13:00 IST, turned out to be an inspection operation along 2 km stretch of the road that passes through the jungle.
The security forces which have proceeded to Bhimpur on 18 June by clearing road from Pirakata left the stretch unguarded. Taking the opportunity, the villagers and the Maoists again put up barricade at five different places between Malida and Tirlakhali. They were confronted by the Maoists who gun fired at several places including, Pirrakhuli, Pingboni and between Pirakata and Bhimpur. Police were also forced to stop at various places due to suspect of landmine on the road or as the bridges were destroyed. Out of the six kidnapped CPIM members, dead bodies of four were found, taking the tally of death of CPIM party members in the post-election violence in Lalgarh area to 10. At about 19:45 IST, there has been a report of landmine blast near Pirakata Bazaar on SDPO’s car in which two police personnel has been grievously injured. The state government has asked for more 6 companies of CRPF from the Central Government to assist the state police in the operation. At around 21:00 IST there was cross fire between the police and Maoists at Lalgarh Police Station. The Jharkhand border near Ghatshila was sealed to stop the Maoists escaping into Jharkhand.
Naina and Pavitra grow up, while Naina lives in Mumbai,and Pavitra lives in A village called Bhimpur. Naina says that someday she will surely find Pavitra. Naina goes to Mitila but in the way the bus condoctor says the road is blocked so they will stay in Bhimpur. Pavitra is making medicine but it drops so she goes to get leaves for the medicine. Pavitra's leg gets stuck and the bus Naina is in comes closer. She screams 'didi' as Naina and Dimpy are sitting in top of the bus. Naina jumps from the moving bus and saves Pavitra. Pavitra offers Naina and Dimpy to stay in their house for a night.after that she gets to know about thakur who in the name of a ritual runs a prostitution business.when naina tries to tell that all this is a big hoax no one in the village believes her. But after some time krishna belive on her and the both exposed mahnat infront of all villgers but failed to expose takur . Takur give drug to naina which faint her memory and get married with naina and pavitra for saving her sister married with krishna but krishna donot know about it both marriges are fake because of fake pandit of takur
There was no such operation, as the police wanted to fix the next strategy, four people were arrested near Khayer Pahari, while they were planting landmine on the road from Sarenga to Lalgarh. Some social activists and artists like Aparna Sen, Saoli Mitra went to Lalgarh to overlook the real situation and talked with PCAPA secretary Chhatradhar Mahato, and appealed to both the state and the Maoists to shun arms and opt for a ceasefire till 14 July. Around 35,000 villagers in the Lalgarh area fled to other places for safety. Many villagers who have fled to several relief camps like in Pirakata complained of being beaten up by the police and sexual harassment to the woman. Trinamool Congress MP and Union ministers of state Sisir Adhikari and Mukul Roy went to Lalgrah to provide shelter to the villagers driven out of their homes by the security forces along the stretch from Pirakata to Bhimpur. They were surrounded by the CPM supporters complaining that why they did not come to their rescue when the Maoist-backed PCPA drove them out of the villages and not allowed to progress further.
On 18 June morning at about 8:00 (IST), the CRPF along with State Riot Police and Commandos proceeded toward Pirakata en route to Lalgarh. Further meetings were conducted during the day between Police and district officials on the method of the operation. It was decided that the security forces would march towards Lalgarh as the roads were dug up and trees has been placed as blockades on the roads. The forces started out for the operations at around 16:00 (IST) from Pirakata. The forces faced the first resistance from the villagers at Malida village which is around two kilometres from Pirakata, where around 2000 villagers had gathered acting as "human shields". After warning by the additional Superintendent of Police to leave the place, tear gas shells were fired and subsequent lathi charge was made to disperse the mob. The police raided some houses and detained some villagers in search of Maoists. The police were also successful to disperse and remove three more blockades during the day including one at Tirlakhali, and proceeded further 2 kilometres to Bhimpur village at 18:30 IST. The forces decided to push back 2 km and halt for the night by the roadside at Koima. Some of them retreated another 1 km to Tirlakhali. During setting up of the camp, some gun shots were fired at the police forces from the paddy fields at short intervals and the police force return fired in the direction without resulting any casualties. The police force scanned the area through night vision binoculars. The CRPF men who took part in the action were replaced at night by those kept in reserve at the Pirakata camp while the district riot police have been replaced by the state armed police.
As per order of the Delimitation Commission in respect of the delimitation of constituencies in West Bengal, four gram panchayats under the Nakashipara block, viz. Bikrampur, Bilkumari, Dhananjaypur and Haranagar, will be part of the area covered by the Palashipara assembly constituency of West Bengal. All other gram panchayats under this block, viz. Bethua Dahari–I, Bethua Dahari–II, Billwagram, Birpur–I, Birpur–II, Dharmada, Dogachhia, Majhergram, Muragachha, Nakasipara and Patikabari, will form the Nakashipara assembly constituency along with the gram panchayats of Palitbegia and Rajarampur Ghoraikhetra under the Kaliganj block. All other gram panchayats under the Kaliganj block, viz. Barachandghar, Debagram, Faridpur, Gobra, Hatgachha, Juranpur, Kaliganj, Matiari, Mira–I, Mira–II, Panighata, Plassey–I and Plassey–II, will form the Kaliganj assembly constituency. The area under the Chapra block will constitute the Chapra assembly constituency. The Krishnanagar municipality and five gram panchayats under the Krishnanagar–I block, viz. Bhandarkhola, Bhimpur, Assannagar, Dogachi and Poragachha, will form the Krishnanagar Uttar assembly constituency. The Nabadwip block, the Nabadwip municipality and two gram panchayats under the Krishnanagar–I block, viz. Joania and Bhaluka, will form the Nabadwip assembly constituency. The Krishnanagar–II block and five gram panchayats under the Krishnanagar–I block, viz. Bhatjungla, Dignagar, Chakdilnagar, Daypara and Ruipukur, will form the Krishnanagar South assembly constituency. The area under the Krishnaganj block will be part of the area covered by Krishnaganj assembly constituency, which will be reserved for Scheduled Castes (SC) candidates. Palashipara, Kaliganj, Nakashipara, Chapra, Krishnanagar Uttar and Nabadwip constituencies will be assembly segments of the Krishnanagar (Lok Sabha constituency). The assembly constituencies of Krishnanagar Dakshin and Krishnaganj will be part of the Ranaghat (Lok Sabha constituency), which will be reserved for Scheduled Castes (SC) candidates.
Nandu was died when he killed Devri. Yug decide to adopt Pavitra. Gauri get jealous to Kaali because she think that Kaali was take her life. Gauri becomes angry after knowing that Kaali and Yug get closer again. She then burned the house. Everybody is dead but Kaali is trapped in her room. Naina and Pavitra was saved and they ran away from the house. Gauri chases them and wants to kill Pavitra. But fuel tank of her car was leaked and her car was exploded, Gauri dead. In the next day, Chulbuli comes home and is shocked to see the house was burned. Naina and Pavitra go back home and meet Chulbuli. They feel sad when everybody found dead. But Kaali still trapped in her room. They search Kaali and the found her, they take Kaali to hospital. Suddenly, Kaali wake up and hug Naina and Pavitra. Purohit come to hospital and ask forgiveness to Kaali. Purohit confess that myth about kaala teeka of Gauri is just a hoax. He made up the story about kaala teeka because he was treated by Vishwaveer. Kaali forgive him and make him promise to not tell about superstition anymore. Kaali want Chulbuli to take care of her daughters. Kaali closed her eyes and she died. A few days later, Jamuna come home and want to take Pavitra to stay with her. Naina, Chulbuli and Pavitra herself didn't let her to take Pavitra. Chulbuli say to Purohit to bring Naina and Pavitra to Neelkanth and Sharmila in the city to avoid Jamuna. But before that happen, Jamuna comes and takes pavitra away. Moving to Bhimpur, the bus in which they were traveling meets with an accident and Jamuna dies. Pavitra faints, falls into the river, and she floats away to another village. Maai finds her and says that she will take care of her.