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canettemont              tressin              ferques              artannes              liencourt              valmestroff              alquines              cornailles              yzeux              barastre              annouville              valoreille              ennemain              incheville              poullan              galametz              concoules              larouillies              semillac              favril              blangermont              vittoncourt              vailhan              hanouard              franvillers              eswars              xammes              boisjean              pontarion              ytres              troisvaux              hamelincourt              coulomby              sibiville              blesle              jehonville              samogneux              thieulloy              mertzwiller              campneuseville              beuvrages              rouvrois              bellaffaire              gerponville              huchenneville              jalesches              serrouville              bermerain              phalempin              plouigneau             

Examples of "bienvillers"
Bienvillers-au-Bois is a commune in the Pas-de-Calais department in the Hauts-de-France region in northern France.
Findlay served as a private in the Scots Guards during the First World War and was killed in France on 25 September 1916. He was buried in Bienvillers Military Cemetery.
The division remained in East Anglia, digging trenches, manning coastal defences. and training, until July 1916, when it moved to Salisbury Plain for final training. By then the artillery had received their 18-pounders and 4.5-inch howitzers. As with the other TF artillery, the brigade was assigned a number and became CCXC Brigade (290 Brigade). The batteries were redesignated A–C, a howitzer battery was added and became D Battery, and the brigade ammunition columns were abolished. To bring the batteries up to six guns, the 2/I London Bde was reinforced by a battery from 2/III London Bde and a howitzer battery from 2/IV London Bd. The division began embarking for France on 20 January 1917 and CCXC Brigade first went into action in February at Bienvillers. The brigade remained on the Western Front for the rest of the war.
At midnight on 12/13 September 1916 the battery was transferred from VI Corps to VII Corps and moved from Arras, first to Humbercamps and then to the Bayencourt/ Hebuterne area. Here they took part in counter-battery work against German artillery in support of the attacks at Flers-Courcelette, Morval and Thiepval Ridge by Fourth and Reserve Armies. By 1 December 1916 the battery was back at Dainville; moved to Bienvillers on 9 December for operations against Monchy; and back to Dainville again by 15 December. By the year-end they were back with VI Corps once more. Like the 1/1st Battery, the 2/1st was moved from one HAG to another, transferring to the 65th HAG on 24 November 1916 and to 35th HAG by the end of 1916. On 8 January 1917 the battery transferred back to 8th HAG and was re-allocated to VII Corps. By May 1917 the battery had moved to Henin with Left Section at La Herliere where they transferred to 73rd HAG on 12 May.