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Examples of "bierstone"
His doctoral students include Edward Bierstone, Leslie Lamport, Jill P. Mesirov, Chuu-lian Terng, and Karen Uhlenbeck.
Edward Bierstone is a Canadian mathematician at the University of Toronto who specializes in singularity theory, analytic geometry, and differential analysis.
Bierstone was elected a member of the Royal Society of Canada in 1992 and, together with Pierre Milman, received the Jefferey Williams Prize in 2005. In 2012 he became a fellow of the American Mathematical Society.
John Friendlander is known for findings in “prime spin distribution in number fields, estimates for character sums, applications of sieve methods and quadratic problems in number theory.” Edward Bierstone and Pierre Milman constructed an “understandable proof of a famous theorem in algebraic geometry. Velimir Jurdjevic’s research focuses on the “Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations, Control Theory, and Global Analysis”. Doctor Asset Rinof’s research is in “Combinatorial Set Theory, especially around the combinatorics of singular cardinals”. Jaimal Thind works on the “Representation Theory, Combinatorics, Algebraic Geometry, Category Theory and Low Dimensional Topology”. Lisa Jeffrey focuses on “Symplectic Geometry, and Geometric Applications of Quantum Field Theory”. Work in “Dynamical Systems, Renormalization and Universality, Computational Complexity in Dynamics, [and] Applications to Mathematical Biology and Medicine” is researched by Michael Yampolsky. Konstantin Khanin focuses on the “Probability Theory, Ergodic theory, [and] Statistical Mechanics”. Mircea Voda focuses on researching the Geometric Function Theory.
The Fields Medal Symposium is an annual event that honours one of the Fields Medal recipients from the most recent International Congress of Mathematicians. The symposium is jointly endorsed by the International Mathematical Union and the Fields Institute for Mathematical Sciences. The idea was conceived in preparation for the International Congress of Mathematicians 2010 (ICM2010) in Hyberdad, India. Professor Edward Bierstone of the University of Toronto was the director of the institute during the inaugural symposium in October 2012. All symposiums take place at the Fields Institute in Toronto, Canada. The symposia include mathematical activity that explore work related to the honoured Fields Medallist. They will include public lectures meant to spark interest in mathematics including public lectures and events for students.