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Examples of "bilbe"
Dega Breaks was a music group from West London that was active from about 2006 to 2009. The group was made up of five members: Dominic Otero on vocals and guitar, Alex Sabga on drums, Eann Bilbe on bass guitar, his brother Gavin Bilbe on guitar and synth and bassist Ben Taylor.
In Sheerness on the Isle of Sheppy, Kent, John Beilby marries Elizabeth Light on 29 October 1769. His children, Joseph, Thomas and John change the spelling of their name to Bilbe and pass the spelling on to their children. Thomas Bilbe was born in Sheerness in 1811, and subsequently moved to Rotherhithe
Thomas Bilbe (1811-5 October 1896) was an English shipbuilder and shipowner based in Rotherhithe. He built tea clippers and was involved in the opium trade with China.
Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Thomas Bilbe Robinson GBE KCMG (24 November 1853–15 May 1939) was an English-born Australian businessman and public servant.
Bilbe is a surname originating from Europe. Variations in spelling include: Bilbé, Beilby, Bielby, Bilbee, Bilbey, Bilbi or Bilby, all pronounced either Bill-Bay or Bill-Bee. The oldest record for the name is in the Will of George Bilbe Leather Seller of Saint Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, Surrey, dated 1667. One of the earliest records for the spelling variant Beilby is in the Chancery Court records, 1515-1518.
On the 1841 UK Census there are 38 people with the surname Bilbe, 32 of whom were born in Kent. On the 1851 Census there are 30 people with the surname Bilbe, 15 of them are still living on the Isle of Sheppy, 8 are living in Canterbury and 4 live in the London area. The numbers expand rapidly after this date many living and working in London.
The Conservatives held Normandy ward, in 2015, with a majority of 644 over the second placed Guildford Greenbelt candidate. The Liberal Democrats fell back to fourth, behind the Labour candidate. The Liberal Democrats only obtaining around 7% of the vote in a seat they (and their SDP-Liberal Alliance predecessors) had held between 1987 and 1999. New councillor for the area David Bilbe was elected.
Robinson was born in Rotherhithe, London, the son and grandson of shipbuilders. His father was Robert William Robinson and his mother was Frances Sarah, daughter of Thomas Bilbe. In 1881 he emigrated to Queensland and went into business, becoming involved in many companies. He also joined the Queensland Militia and rose to the rank of Major commanding the 1st Queenslanders and was later senior officer in Central Queensland.