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Examples of "bilo_jednom_"
Bilo jednom... ("Once Upon a Time") is a 2006 rockumentary by Serbian filmmaker
Bilo jednom u Hrvatskoj ("Once upon a time in Croatia") is an album by Croatian singer Marko Perković Thompson. It was released on December 8, 2006.
Perković has said he is personally a fan of such bands as Nightwish, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, and Dream Theater, among others. Thompson recorded hard rock similar to these bands for the first time on the album "Bilo jednom u Hrvatskoj", considered by some to be a rock opera. A "Washington Post" writer described the New York stop on the "Bilo jednom u Hrvatskoj" tour as sounding "like Iron Maiden doing Eastern European folk".
Turneja: Bilo jednom u Hrvatskoj Maksimir is a concert video of the Croatian band Thompson's June 17, 2007 performance in Zagreb's Maksimir Stadium in front of a crowd of 70,000 and more.
The band line-up on the "Bilo jednom u Hrvatskoj" tour was Fedor Boić, Damir Lipošek Kex, Tomislav Mandarić, Tiho Orlić, and Damir Šomen. The band line-up for the "Ora et labora" tour is: Ivica Bilić Ike (drums), Ivan Ivanković (guitar), Duje Ivić (synthesizer), Tiho Orlić (bass and back vocals) and Perković.
Bilo Jednom u Hrvatskoj: Split - Stari plac ("Once upon a time in Croatia: Split - Stari plac") is a live concert album by the Croatian band Thompson, led by singer Marko Perkovic. It was released in December 2007, nearly a year after the in-studio album of the same name.
"Bilo jednom u Hrvatskoj" was released in December 2006. Despite the late release, it became the second-highest selling Croatian album of the year. Thompson soon after announced an initial tour of Croatia and select European cities beginning after the Lenten season through summer, culminating with a performance at Maksimir Stadium in Zagreb. The tour began in Vukovar in the Borovo Naselje neighborhood, where approximately 4000 fans came out to watch the group perform.
In 2002, Thompson began their first major tour to promote the album "E, moj narode". This tour continued sporadically until 2005, and included concerts at the Sydney Entertainment Centre and Melbourne's Vodafone Arena. In May 2005, the album was declared a Diamond Record with more than 60,000 copies sold. Touring continued in 2006 with "Bilo jednom u Hrvatskoj", again performing internationally with concerts in Germany, Sweden, Australia, Canada, and the United States.
Perković's last tour, "Bilo jednom u Hrvatskoj", was protested by various Jewish organizations. Held in Frankfurt, the organizations vehemently requested that the German government ban the concert because of its alleged fascist lyrics. When the German government received the transcript of Thompson's songs, the request to ban the concert was immediately rejected. At the 17 June 2007, concert at Maksimir Stadium, Zagreb, Perković repeated his claim that he is not a fascist. An English translation of his words is:
Film was part of "Made in Vojvodina" program of 2007 Motovun Film Festival (Motovun, Croatia), presenting cinematography of Vojvodina, and also as part of four-day event - "Enter UK" - about cultural influence of British sub-culture in Serbia, held in Novi Sad during the EXIT festival 2007. "Bilo jednom..." was part of the program of several festivals (Grossmann (Ljutomer, Slovenia), Filofest (Ljubljana, Slovenia), ), and had a theatrical screenings in Warsaw, Poland and Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
After the end of the conflicts and especially later, after the departure of the nationalist leaders such as Slobodan Milošević and Franjo Tuđman, the former Yugoslav nations started to normalise their relations. Thus their music scenes (this time both mainstream and underground) could freely restore their former cooperation. Anti-Nowhere League came once again on former Yugoslav soil (in Croatia) and released their live album Return to Yugoslavia. In 2003 Igor Mirković from Croatia made the rockumentary Sretno dijete (Happy Child) named after a song by Prljavo Kazalište. The movie covers the early Yugoslav Punk and new wave scene feat. eminent artists from Zagreb, Ljubljana and Belgrade. Inspired by "Sretno dijete", rockumentary "Bilo jednom..." was made in 2006, featuring punk-rockers from Novi Sad, who were active during the first half of the 1990s.
The seventh studio album "Da li je to čovek ili je mašina" ("Do I See a Man or a Machine"), released in 2005, was recorded at the former Čista Proza frontman Milan Ćirić "Mile" analogue studio Sing Sing in Netherlands, and during the occasion, the band also held a concert in Amsterdam. Beside the seven new tracks, the album also included the remixed versions of the songs, done by both Serbian and foreign authors. The lineup which recorded the album featured Branislav Babić (vocals), Tamara Dobler (backing vocals), Dragan Knežević (guitar), Miloš Romić (groove box machine), and Miloš Rašković (bass). The journalist Brankica Drašković recorded the documentary about the album recording. The following year, Babić appeared in the Jovan Đerić rockumentary "Bilo jednom..." ("Once upon a Time"), dealing with the Novi Sad punk rock scene during the 1990s.
By the end of March, 2005, the band started touring, performing at about thirty concerts, including the performances at the Split Gripe arena and the concerts at NS Time club. In 2006, the band appeared in the Jovan Đerić documentary about Novi Sad punk rock scene, "Bilo jednom...". During the same year, Atheist Rap appeared on the Pankrti tribute album "Pankrti 06" with the cover of the song "Modro nebo", Ljubiša Georgijević tribute album, with the song "Delfin", and the Novi Sad Student's Cultural Center compilation "Novosadska punk verzija 1978–2005" ("Novi Sad Punk Version 1978–2005") with the song "Atheist Rap" recorded at their first live act. The following year, the band performed at the Exit festival and released a DVD featuring a live performance the band held at KST in Belgrade and promotional videos for the tracks "Pritilend", "Igraš grubo", "Dve žetve godišnje" and "Audio Pula Video Split". In 2007, the band performed at the Niš Beer Fest and the following year at the Belgrade Beer Fest and Alternative Rock festival in Belgrade.
In 1993, Toni Montano acted in a stageplay "Bilo jednom u Beogradu" ("Once Upon a Time in Belgrade") directed by himself and Miki Manojlović. Anent the stage play Toni Montano released the album of the same title. The song "Godfather" featured members of Orthodox Celts as guests. The album "Najbolje od najboljeg 1991 - 1995" ("Best of the Best 1991 - 1995") was released in 1995. The song "Mi smo srećna porodica" ("We're A Happy Family") featured Nele Karajlić on vocals. The album "Moja žena fudbal ne voli! (Zašto?)"" ("My Wife Doesn't Like Football! (Why?)") featured rerecorded "Mi smo šampioni" and "Mi smo iz Beograda" and football chant "Obilić" recorded for FK Obilić. Compilation album "Hajde, slušaj ovaj CD" ("Come on, Listen to This CD"), released in 1999, featured a cover of Elvis J. Kurtović's song "Da bog da crk'o rock 'n' roll" ("I Hope Rock 'n' Roll Dies"). At the same time studio album "Srećan rođendan" ("Happy Birthday") was released. The album featured members of Radijacija and Mega Bend, guitarist Nenad ″Nele″ Stamatović (former Bulevar member) and singer Sonja Mitrović "Hani". "Srećan rođendan" featured a cover version of Prljavo Kazalište song "Široke ulice" ("Wide Streets"). After the 2000 political changes in Serbia, Montano semi-retired from the scene.
Most notable bands from the period are represented by their frontmen and/or other members, including Dr. Pop (Atheist Rap), Boban (Ritam nereda), Kebra (Obojeni Program), Robert and Relja (Generacija bez budućnosti - GBB), Vijetnamac and Marta (Zbogom Brus Li), Medan (Love Hunters), Ilija (Mitesers), Dules (Atheist Rap and Mitesers). The rest of the cast is made of people who took part in street-life during the 1990s (most of them former members of punk-rock bands) - Šima, Ćela, Nemanja, Lošmi, Jens, Erić, Goldi, Glava, Brle, Mirdža. Sava Savić and Zgro are authors of the book "Novosadska punk verzija" (English: Novi Sad Punk Version) that covers the Novi Sad Punk scene from its beginnings at the end of the 1970s (the book and "Bilo jednom..." are often wrongly perceived as part of the same project). Gagi is a character whose name is part of the title of a popular song from the period, and Buži acts as a guide through locations where gigs were happening and where youth hung out during the 1990s.