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Examples of "binaltech"
"Binaltech figures are the Japanese version of Alternators. Unlike Alternators, the Binaltech line features fully painted car bodies and die-cast metal parts."
The Alternators and Binaltech lines haven't always worked out as originally planned.
While no fiction was written for the Binaltech Asterisk line, character profiles were provided with each of the three figures. These profiles do not specifically place them in the Binaltech universe, however they are also not incompatible with the story outlined in the main Binaltech line.
"Kiss Players figures are not officially part of the Binaltech line; there is no mention of Binaltech on any Kiss Players product packaging or enclosed materials, and as previously mentioned, the fiction takes place in a different continuity which is incompatible with the Binaltech timeline. Nevertheless, since the Kiss Players vehicles utilize the plastic Alternators molds, they are frequently grouped together."
The Binaltech story was told through chapters accompanying the Binaltech toy releases, either in the booklet provided, or later, on the boxes themselves. There has been no official storyline for Alternators on any Hasbro material, though the American Mazda website cited the Binaltech storyline and the Nemesis Prime exclusive had a story featuring Dr. Arkeville.
In the climax of the saga, the universe itself is collapsing due to manipulation to the timestream. Amidst the chaos, a mysterious figure, calling itself only the "Protector", appears and restores the balance. While the Autobots had unsuccessfully tried to repair the damage by attempting to undo the events of the corrupted timeline, the Protector instead split the Binaltech world into its own universe, both restoring and preserving the Binaltech continuity in a new, parallel universe. When asked the reason for preserving events that were never supposed to happen, the Protector responded that the Binaltech universe and the Binaltech warriors would give birth to the Alternity.
When Unicron arrives, the Autobots prevail, but per Ravage's plan, the Decepticons are released from the rift to conquer the battle-weary Autobots. In order to put an end to all Transformer fighting across the universe, the Autobots resort to activating an ancient device to freeze all Transformers across the universe, but it has the unexpected effect of only freezing the non-Binaltech Transformers. Since Binaltech Autobots outnumber Binaltech Decepticons, the Autobots once again triumph.
As the Autobots adjust to life in Binaltech bodies, experiments with Binaltech technology lead to a showdown between Optimus Prime and an in which the Protector's spark merges with Prime's to ensure his victory over the doppelganger, and to the discovery of an element called "Alternium" which, unbeknownst to the Autobots, will be key to the prophesied "Alternity".
During the Binaltech saga, Ravage alters history, preventing the Battle of Autobot City and dooming the Autobots to battle Unicron without the assistance of the Decepticons. As the Autobots attempt to undo the temporal damage, the universe starts to crumble. A black version of Optimus Prime appears, splintering the Binaltech timeline into its own universe, thereby restoring the original timeline but also preserving the Binaltech one. Reluctant to identify himself, the figure identifies itself only as the "Protector" and indicates it is from the future, and that the Binaltech continuity must be preserved as it will lead to the "great ". Before much else can be learned, the black Optimus clone ejects the good spark within, reverts to its and escapes.
Binaltech Overdrive is among the various characters to appear in a simple flash fighting game available on the Japanese Honda web site.
As the Binaltech saga unfolds, the multiverse is threatened with destruction, until the original continuity is restored and the Binaltech universe is split into and preserved within its own separate universe. Overdrive confirms that the threat is over by visiting the dimension occupied by the original timeline, and reveals that in that world, Hot Rod had received the Matrix and taken over leadership of the Autobots as Rodimus Prime.
The initiative is successful, and several Autobots are returned to duty, allowing them to fend off assaults by the Decepticons. However, the Decepticons take advantage of the developments of the Project, and several of them manage to obtain Binaltech bodies of their own. The Autobots launch an investigation, however it is determined that none of the Autobots' allies are to blame - the Decepticons' skill at deception and brain-washing is what allowed them to get their hands on Binaltech technology.
The "Binaltech" series saw a version of the Generation 1 Ravage given a new body and reprogrammed with personality data from the Beast Wars Ravage; this later resulted in the creation of an alternate timeline.
The Autobots become aware of Ravage's tampering, and attempt to undo the damage. Their attempts are unsuccessful and trigger the crumbling of reality itself, but a "Protector" from the future unexpectedly arrives, stabilizes the multiverse, and splinters the altered timeline of the Binaltech saga into its own universe, parallel to the restored timeline in the original universe. The Protector explains that the Binaltech universe, although originally a corruption of the timeline, must be allowed to continue as it will lead to an evolution of the Transformers species, and eventually to "the great ".
Like the line before it, Alternity consists of well-known Transformers characters with extensively detailed scale licensed vehicle modes. However, while Binaltech figures were 1:24 scale and consisted of large amounts of die cast, those in the Alternity line are 1:32, making them approximately "deluxe" sized, and their metal content is limited to supporting substructure, such as spines or driveshafts. The working title for the line was originally "Binaltech Mini". The line also takes some cues from the toyline, with finely sculpted robot-mode details, as well as its technology.
Shockwave staged a comeback in 2005's "" toy line, which featured classic characters re-interpreted with modern vehicular alternate modes. Although the American toys offered no supporting fiction, the storyline included with the Japanese version of the line, Binaltech, detailed the story of Shockwave's rebirth in this unusual new form.
The Kiss Players fiction was told through a series of radio plays in Japan, the recordings of which were included on CDs accompanying the toys. The Kiss Players saga takes place in a continuity separate from Binaltech, as it depends on the events of the original , in which Optimus Prime dies, Unicron reformats Megatron into Galvatron, and both are eventually defeated by Rodimus Prime.
In the closing chapters of the story, it's revealed that the Protector is Optimus Primal, from the future, and that materials and technology that will be key to the existence of the Alternity are starting to emerge from the research and development of projects derived from Binaltech technology.
When the time-displaced Decepticon agent, Ravage, used the time machine called the Kronosphere to alter the time line (branching off the Binaltech/Alternators storyline from the continuity of the G1 animated series), the chaos that ensued resulted in the destruction of Shockwave's body. With Ravage's aid, his mind was installed into a stolen Autobot "Binaltech" body, equipped with a prototype "Transmuter" device, which, when interfaced with Shockwave's personality component, allowed the chassis to "transmute" itself into Shockwave's recognizable physical form, including his cyclopean visage and gun-arm. He wields a Turbo Rifle which can also serve as a power booster for his gun-arm, and can project up to five holographic duplicates of himself anywhere on the planet (an ability mentioned in the series bible for the original animated series, but never put to use until episode 4).
"Ask Vector Prime" would also introduce an alternate version of Megatron created by the events of the Binaltech storyline who later invaded the "Robots in Disguise" universe and was transformed into the villainous "Megahead Megatron." Establishing a horde of Vehicons as his original counterpart had, he proceeded to plunge Cybertron into a Spark War, with as one of his many victims. However, he was eventually defeated due to the actions of the Binaltech Alternity in dispatching a crew of similarly created Maximals-including Air Attack Optimus Primal-to challenge his efforts. However, his legacy would continue to plague that universe, as his associate Cryotek would use the Transwarp technology Megatron contributed to their efforts to launch a campaign across time and space.