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Examples of "binggeli"
René Binggeli (Geneva, 17 January 1941 — Geneva, 27 September 2007) was a Swiss professional road bicycle racer. Binggeli won a stage in the 1965 Giro d'Italia and in the 1967 Tour de France.
From 2004 to 2013 Lisa Feldmann was the editor-in-chief of "Annabelle". She was replaced by Silvia Binggeli.
Led by Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian T. Binggeli, PISD serves over 55,000 students and employs approximately 6,400 faculty members spread across 65 schools and 3 special and early education centers. The district is known for its high academic standards. PISD has a 2012–13 operating budget of 434.5 million U.S. dollars. This size of the budget is due to the high property values in the city of Plano, though a large amount of the budget is redistributed to less affluent districts.
It is subdioecious, with the male and female flowers produced largely on separate plants, but often with a few flowers of the other sex present (Binggeli 1997). The male flowers have four stamens and are normally produced in clumps close to the branch. The female flowers, usually occurring in similar groups grow slightly farther from the branch tips. The fruit is an edible drupe 5–6 mm diameter, it is a reddish purple ripening dark purple to black. It is used as an astringent remedy for catarrh (Pérez 1999, Rushforth 1999).
Much of the area of north Ainslie Wood was taken up with the Binkley family farm. This multigenerational farm stretched north of Main Street roughly from McMaster University to the Ancaster Creek Valley and into University Gardens in Dundas. Indeed, the junction of the Dundas and Ancaster roads (today the intersection of Main St, Wilson St, and Osler St) was popularly known as “Binkley’s Corner.” Marks and Mathelena, the original Binkleys to arrive in the Hamilton area, are buried in the Marks Binkley Cemetery at the end of Lakelet Drive. Marks and Mathelena Binkley were originally Palatine Germans, often referred to as “Pennsylvania Dutch,” in reference to the low German language spoken by religious non-conformists who hailed from Switzerland, Germany, and Holland. “Binkley” is an Anglicization of their original Swiss-Italian name, which was “Binggeli.” Their ancestors had moved to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, an Amish and Mennonite settlement. The Binkley family prospered in Ainslie Wood and raised hundreds of grand- and great-grandchildren, and the name has appeared on schools, churches, road signs, and cemeteries throughout Ainslie Wood.