Synonyms for biocycle or Related words with biocycle

nodax              biores              tianan              steinbchel              esteekay              bioref              leschine              bioprod              photobiodegradable              bioresour              micobiology              biopolyesters              langeand              biobalance              biodeterioration              bioenergy              oxobiodegradable              miyairi              oppt              metabolix              vallander              jendrossek              kitpreechavanich              bioindustry              phibro              bothast              microb              sporodex              dermafill              xylinum              elander              probactrix              iecon              colinge              biocommodity              mcglouglin              koppert              algenol              saraydin              bioresource              phytofermentans              flocculosa              higashiomi              spej              allzyme              aquacultural              lallemand              disoynth              agri              thermoaceticum             

Examples of "biocycle"
Lindhqvist, T. (1989). Deposit Systems and Materials Recycling. BioCycle, 30, no. 7, 48-52.
In recent years, his research mainly focuses on corporation as a living organism ("The BioCycle of Business"). He also became active in consulting and later on in CEO coaching, while pursuing practical projects of Entrepreneurial University, Electro-mobility, Recycling and remanufacturing, and Integration of data, information, knowledge and wisdom into a coherent DIKW Management support.
She is a pioneer in the area of Industrial symbiosis, a sub-field of Industrial ecology that is focused on the shared management of resources by companies in relative geographic proximity. She convened the first international research symposium on industrial symbiosis in 2004. This meeting brings researchers and practitioners together to discuss current practices and future trends in the field, and is held annually in different parts of the world. Chertow also serves on the managing board of the Journal of Industrial Ecology., the Editorial Board of BioCycle Magazine, the Board of the Eco-Industrial Development Council, as well as on the Advisory Board of the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund. Her work has been mentioned in the press to explain how concepts and scholarship related to industrial ecology and industrial symbiosis is useful to businesses all over the globe.