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históricas              discursos              históricos              biográfico              literarias              bibliografía              apuntes              textos              documentos              notas_sobre              lecturas              del_siglo_xvi              histórica              literarios              escritos              literaturas              aspectos              en_torno              notas              algunos              artículos              selectas              del_siglo_xxi              ensayos_sobre              problemas              cuestiones              algunas              comparada              teórico              obra_poética              introducción_notas              méxico_fondo              contemporáneos              ensayos              poéticas              escrituras              estudios_sobre              genealógico              narrativas              prólogo              críticas              entrevistas              biografías              apuntes_sobre              escritoras              sobre_las              escogidas              léxico              públicas              características             

Examples of "biográficos"
Rodriguez, Edgardo Antonio. Elecciones ‘97: perfiles biográficos y políticos. Tegucigalpa: Guardabarranco. 1997.
LAMARCA LANGA, G. "Félix Latassa. Apuntes biográficos". (Revista de Historia Jerónimo Zurita, 72 [1997], pp. 185–193).
Zinny wrote biographical studies, singly or in individual volumes, which are now assembled in one volume with the name of ""Estudios biográficos"".
Against: There is some debate as to whether Aleijadinho actually existed. The theory that Aleijadinho was a myth was proposed by Augusto de Lima, Jr., who suggested that Aleijadinho was invented by Rodrigo Bretas in his book "Traços Biográficos de Antônio Francisco Lisboa". This theory relies on the notion that there were no references to Aleijadinho until this book was written.
Muñoz Altea is the author of several books, among them, the biographies of the 64 Viceroys of Mexico, The House of Los Pinos History (the Presidencial Residence of Mexico), The Biographies of the Signers of the Independence Act, “Los Virreyes de la Nueva España, Perfiles genealógico-biográficos” (Universidad Monteávila, Caracas, Venezuela 2013) and “Blasones y Apellidos”, first and second edition. Muñoz Altea has ordered and cataloged historic archives of many municipalities in Spain.
Antonio Macías del Real (Madrid, Spain - Buenos Aires, Argentina) was a Spanish writer and pharmacist that moved to Guatemala where he wrote for most prestigious cultural publications. Among his articles are those that we wrote for "La Ilustración Guatemalteca" during the last year of general José María Reina Barrios presidency. When the president was assassinated on 8 February 1898, Macías del Real wrote "Perfiles biográficos de don Manuel Estrada Cabrera" ("Biographical profiles of Mr. Manuel Estrada Cabrera", who had been appointed as interim President; Macias del Real kept writing on behalf of the new president since then. In 1902 his adulation paid off, as Estrada Cabrera granted him the Pacific Railroad concession. According to Guatemalan historian Rafael Arévalo Martínez in his book "¡Ecce Pericles!", Macías del Real -a pharmacist graduated from Universidad Central de Madrid and later incorporated in Guatemala- was the one that gave Estrada Cabrera a potent venom that the latter used to get rid of his opponents.