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Examples of "bionicle"
"See Also": Bionicle Chronicles, Bionicle Adventures, Bionicle Legends, and Bionicle Super Chapter Books
See List of Bionicle media for "Bionicle Legends" publishing information.
To differentiate "Lego Bionicle" from its unreleased PC counterpart, "Bionicle: The Legend of Mata Nui", the game is often referred to as Bionicle: Tales of the Tohunga or Bionicle: Quest for the Toa.
Bionicle Legends is the third book series based in the Bionicle universe. It had ended in 2008 and was succeeded by a new, final 3-book series, titled "Bionicle Super Chapter Books". Bionicle Legends covered the events that occurred in the storyline's 2006–2008 story arc. It follows the "Bionicle Adventures" series; but as "Adventures" is almost exclusively told in flashbacks, the events preceding those in "Legends" are told in the first book series, "Bionicle Chronicles".
Bionicle Adventures is the second book series based in the Bionicle universe. It covers the events that occurred in the storyline's 2004-2005 story arc. It is preceded by the "Bionicle Chronicles" series and followed by the "Bionicle Legends" series; though as "Adventures" is almost exclusively told in flashbacks, it takes place a thousand years before either one.
The Bionicle story is set in a science fantasy world and is primarily told through the book series "Bionicle Chronicles", "Bionicle Adventures", and "Bionicle Legends", as well as through comic books published by DC Comics. Four films have also been made.
"BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn" has received mixed to positive reactions, but amongst fans of Bionicle, the film was given mostly mixed reactions.
Bionicle Chronicles is the first book series set in the Lego Bionicle universe. Although it was published in 2003, it summarizes events that occurred in the first story arc that began in 2001. When the second story arc began in 2004, the "Chronicles" series was replaced with the "Bionicle Adventures" series. However, as "Adventures" is almost exclusively told in flashbacks; the events following those in "Chronicles" are told in the third book series, "Bionicle Legends".
"250 years prior to the events of BIONICLE Legends":
"One month prior to the events of BIONICLE Legends":
Gregory Todd Farshtey is an American writer, best known for his work on the Bionicle series of novels (2004–2010), the Bionicle comics (2001–2010), and the New York Times-bestselling Ninjago graphic novel series. After the first cancellation of Bionicle, he was set to continue the story by writing online stories. However, after the launch of Ninjago, he has since left the project.
"Lego Bionicle: The Journey to One" was animated by Canadian-based studio The Volta, while scripts were written by Mark Palmer with input from the Lego Bionicle team and directed by Nicholas-Denis Robitaille, with Geneviève Savard producing and Mathieu Boucher and Jean-François Tremblay as executive produces. Matt Betteker, one of the artists for Bionicle, created concept work for the series.
Junior Award: ""Bionicle Legend"" Leon O'Connor, Limerick, Ireland
"7,000 years prior to the events of BIONICLE Legends":
There are also several video games based on Bionicle.
"5,000 years prior to the events of BIONICLE Legends":
"4,000 years prior to the events of BIONICLE Legends":
"3,000 years prior to the events of BIONICLE Legends":
Bionicle 3: Web of Shadows is the Annie Award-nominated third Bionicle movie installment. It is also the second movie in the Bionicle timeline, as of 2005. The visuals are completely computer-generated. The events of the movie take place before the end of the film "".
Bionicle: Matoran Adventures is a Lego video game based on the Bionicle sets. It was developed by Argonaut Games and published by Electronic Arts, and released only for the Game Boy Advance in November 2002. It is the sequel to "Lego Bionicle".