Synonyms for biorientated or Related words with biorientated

bopp              bioriented              polyterephthalate              pliofilms              ony              monoaxially              frpe              terephtharate              microperforated              ptee              unoriented              pylen              bopet              terephtalate              glycolglycerin              meltedcast              efte              polyethyleneand              telephthalate              sbopp              cellgard              cyndioctatic              bopo              polypropelene              nonoriented              bopla              hardcoated              tensilized              downgauged              opet              aclar              terephthalatepbt              delnet              opuran              expfte              terephtahalate              polylaminates              isotaktic              polyproplene              terephalate              terepthalate              monofilm              homoisotactic              tetrephthalate              monofilms              terephthalte              atatic              microvoided              trephthalate              terephthalat             

Examples of "biorientated"