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Examples of "birdsall"
The township comprises the communities of Birdsall, Birdsall Station, Norwood and Westwood.
Henry Willoughby, 8th Baron Middleton (28 August 1817 Nottingham – 20 December 1877 Birdsall House, Birdsall) was an English peer.
Birdsall is a town in Allegany County, New York, United States. The population was 221 at the 2010 census. The town is named after John Birdsall, a circuit judge. Birdsall is in the northeast part of Allegany County.
On May 7, 1813, he married Jane Birdsall. John and Jane Birdsall Harris settled near Waterloo, New York, where two sons, DeWitt Clinton and Lewis Birdsall Harris, were born. In 1819 they were living in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, where their daughter Mary Jane Harris Briscoe was born. A third son, John Birdsall Harris, was born in 1821.
He was the son of Maurice Birdsall (1774–1852) and Ann (Pixley) Birdsall (1778–1829). He married Ann Whiteside (1805–1833), and then Sarah Peacock (1816–1895).
On 5 August 1869 married Eliza Maria Gordon-Cumming (16 June 1847-27 April 1922 Birdsall House, Birdsall). The couple had no children.
The area that is now Birdsall was first settled around 1816. The town of Birdsall was created in 1829 from parts of the towns of Almond and Allen.
Tracey Birdsall (born July 6, 1963) is an American actress.
Birdsall graduated from the Seattle Pacific University and Stanford University.
Birdsall Services Group (BSG, Birdsall) was an engineering, environmental and energy consulting firm based in Eatontown, New Jersey. Established in 1919, Birdsall provided services to private and public clients throughout the tri-state area, including government agencies, healthcare facilities, developers, industrial and construction managers, architects and attorneys.
Birdsall died of heart failure on December 4, 2016.
Horatio L. Birdsall (1833–November 29, 1891) was a sergeant who served the Union Army during the American Civil War. He was part of Company B in the 3rd Regiment Iowa Volunteer Cavalry. Birdsall was awarded a Medal of Honor.
Born in Otego, New York, Birdsall was the son of Michael and Wealthy Webster Birdsall. He married Louisa and they had a son, Ausburn. His second wife was Eliza Reynolds Montgomery and they had a daughter, Grace.
Alongside his practice in design, Birdsall also taught design at the Royal College of Art beginning in 1987. Birdsall was the author of "Notes On Book Design", published by Yale University Press in 2004.
The son of Penguin Books designer Derek Birdsall, Birdsall attended Hampstead School in north London. He has been married to "Only Fools and Horses" actress Gwyneth Strong, with whom he has two children, since 15 July 2000.
Birdsall Holly Broadbent Jr. (September 27, 1918 - July 9, 2009) was an American Orthodontist known for this contributions to the field of Orthodontics. He co-developed Bolton Standards along with his father Birdsall Holly Broadbent Sr.
Birdsall received a B.A. from Wheaton College, a M.Div. from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, a Th.M. from Harvard University, and a PhD from the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies. Birdsall received on honorary doctorate from Belhaven University in 2010.
2005 Nancy Birdsall - The World is not Flat: Inequality and Injustice in our Global Economy
"My Favorite Pets by Gus W. For Mrs. Smolinski's Class" by Jeanne Birdsall (Knopf 2016)
The ship's bell is preserved in the Parish church in Birdsall, North Yorkshire.