Synonyms for bisseni or Related words with bisseni

tatijana              petkana              etcheberria              valkay              katarraktis              polythea              neloumsei              muganza              talevavjara              batchi              nimesch              antillorena              catalla              larba              diasellaki              shelofastova              bersabe              kalyvakia              melidoni              tristeno              ekirapa              vasilaki              koupa              laranga              zazdravnykh              kounina              pokorna              omwenga              mamali              snyagovo              arega              afalla              militsa              gavria              temenuga              polydroso              shimashvili              livora              zolotoj              fomum              saraci              nyamiyaga              bokal              kuklov              vasilyevaolga              kainourgio              sapfo              ataneli              makrisia              berrogain             

Examples of "bisseni"
Paul Henderson, John McCullough, Bengaly Kaba, Mathieu Bisseni, Freddy Hufnagel, Christian Ortega, Philippe Laperche, Pascal Laperche, Didier Gadou, Alain Gadou (Head Coach: George Fisher)
She competed in the heavyweight class at the 2004 Summer Olympics, but was knocked out in the first round by French Eva Bisseni.
Winner: Élan Bearnais Orthez (France) Paul Henderson, John McCullough, Benkali Kaba, Mathieu Bisseni, Christian Ortega, Freddy Hufnagel, Philippe Laperche, Pascal Laperche, Didier Gadou, Alain Gadou, Lindsay Hairston (Coach: George Fischer)
1224 – Andrew II confirmed the privileges of the Saxon colonists and mentioned the existence of Romanian ("Blachi") and Pecheneg ("Bisseni") populations who lived in the forests surrounding the town. The settlement kept a number of privileges granted by the Hungarian royalty. The town was ruled by a royal judge (iudex regium), helped by 12 jurors chosen from local craftsmen and rich traders.
The Pechenegs' ethnonym derived from the Old Turkic word for "brother-in-law” ("baja", "baja-naq" or "bajinaq"), implying that it initially referred to "in-law related clan or tribe". Sources written in different languages used similar denominations when referring to the confederation of the Pecheneg tribes. They were mentioned under the names "Bjnak", "Bjanak" or "Bajanak" in Arabic and Persian texts, as "Be-ča-nag" in Classical Tibetan documents, as "Pačanak-i" in works written in Georgian, and as "Pacinnak" in Armenian. The modern Tatar name for them is "Böcänäklär". Anna Komnene and other Byzantine authors referred to the Pechenegs as "Patzinakoi" or "Patzinakitai". In medieval Latin texts, the Pechenegs were referred to as "Pizenaci", "Bisseni" or "Bessi". East Slavic peoples use the terms "Pečenegi" or "Pečenezi", while the Poles mentions them as "Pieczyngowie" or "Piecinigi". The Hungarian word for Pecheneg is "besenyő". The Romanian word for Pechenegs is "Pecenegi"