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cuges              agte              cdzn              znsip              fese              znsns              cugas              znin              zngete              zncd              snse              aggete              fesb              cugase              mnte              aggase              cuge              cdgeas              znsb              znsias              fesn              cosb              ausb              zngep              cuinte              cuse              cdote              cugate              agse              cdsnas              lacuose              gaino              lacuos              agsbte              biin              cualse              znsnp              gainse              cdsnse              cdmnote              snte              znsnsb              cugete              znte              agino              agges              gesnsbbite              znsnse              auinse              cdgep             

Examples of "bitei"
Discovery of giant Rashba effect in bulk crystals such as BiTeI and ferroelectric GeTe and in a number of low-dimensional systems bears a promise of creating devices operating electrons spins at nanoscale and possessing short operational times.
There are multiple romanizations, and many arts have more than one name. This article will attempt to represent the commonly used romanization variants. In addition, not all sources agree on the correct kanji (Japanese characters) for each technique or list. The alternative renderings are noted. The romanization was not agreed to until 1957. The earlier spellings are now archaic. Some kanji are also no longer common and not searchable (e.g. Danchu or Bitei).
Todercan was born in Corlăteni, Moldova on May 13, 1961. He was part of the first Moldovan generation of graduates from Moscow's Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute in 1985, and performed at Luceafărul Theater as part of its permanent group until 1988. In 1991, Todercan along with his Shchukin classmates founds The Eugène Ionesco Theater in Chișinău. He contributed to the organization of the first edition of Moldova's BITEI International Theater Festival between 1994-1997. With The Eugène Ionesco Theater, Todercan participates in a number of international theater festivals, including in Egypt, Japan, France, Great Britain, Poland, and others. In 1995, Todercan is appointed general manager at the Moldova-Film Studio until 2002, when he becomes in charge of the old Cinematography Department of Moldova. He then returns to Moldova-Film briefly in 2006 as general producer. He earned his master's of public administration around this time. Between 2007 and 2010, Valentin Todercan served as the president of TeleRadio-Moldova. On June 5, 2011, he was elected as councilor in Chişinău's Municipal Council, where he is due to serve until 2015.