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Examples of "bitflu"
Bitflu is an Open Source, BitTorrent client by Adrian Ulrich. It is available for Unix-like systems and is written in Perl.
Bitflu has received good reviews, both in open-source software sites and blogs, praising it for being lightweight and feature-complete.
According to its official page, "Bitflu is a free BitTorrent client. The client was written in Perl and is designed to run as a daemon (7x24h , like mlnet) on Linux, *BSD and maybe even OSX"
Even so, Bitflu seems to be largely unknown, reportedly commanding only 0.000025% of the total BitTorrent traffic. According to one reviewer, this could be due to its non-automated, relatively elaborated install procedure, which could be putting off a "majority of users who can't do anything more complicated than a click-next-until-finish install".