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Examples of "biztalk"
FarPoint Spread for BizTalk Server allows developers to integrate Microsoft Excel documents into Microsoft BizTalk applications. Spread for BizTalk Server includes two components:
Microsoft BizTalk Server (or simply "BizTalk") is an Inter-Organizational Middleware System (IOMS)
The JNBridge JMS Adapter for BizTalk Server provides integration of JMS capabilities into Microsoft BizTalk Server applications.
BizTalk supports the transaction flow through the whole line from one customer to another. BizTalk orchestrations also implement long-running transactions.
Microsoft BizTalk Server offers the ability to create custom functoids by referencing a DLL into a BizTalk project and accessing its methods.
The BizTalk Server runtime is built on a publish/subscribe architecture, sometimes called "content-based publish/subscribe". Messages are published into BizTalk,transformed to the desired format, and then routed to one or more subscribers.
The following is an incomplete list of the technical features in the BizTalk Server:
Additional adapters (for Active Directory, for example) are available from third party Microsoft BizTalk core partners.
Often the LOB services can be orchestrated by a technology such as Microsoft Biztalk Server.
JNBridge released two new products in 2007, JMS (Java Message Service) adapters for BizTalk and for .NET.
Human-centric processes cannot be implemented directly with BizTalk Server and need additional applications like Microsoft SharePoint server.
BizTalk makes processing safe by serialization (called dehydration in Biztalk's terminology) - placing messages into a database while waiting for external events, thus preventing data loss. This architecture binds BizTalk with Microsoft SQL Server. Processing flow can be tracked by administrators using an Administration Console.
In September 2010, Microsoft announced they were removing UDDI services from future versions of the Windows Server operating system. Instead, this capability would be moved to BizTalk Server. In 2013, Microsoft further announced the deprecation of UDDI Services in BizTalk Server.
Developers find it a useful tool for organizations with Microsoft BizTalk Server Enterprise Application Integration. Prior to this release, BizTalk users wanting to use Excel data had to manually open the files and copy and paste data between the two applications.
The game was officially presented during the launch of a series of Microsoft products in Lima, Peru, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and Microsoft BizTalk Server 2005.
A functoid is a tool for applying methods to data via a GUI drag 'n drop interface from within the BizTalk Mapping tool.
BizTalk Server was previously positioned as both an application server and an . Microsoft changed this strategy when they released the AppFabric server which became their official application server. Research firm Gartner consider Microsoft's offering one of their 'Leaders' for Application Integration Suites. While there is discussion of the product direction of BizTalk, especially with cloud software becoming more common, Microsoft continues to support and update the product and offer coverage at their popular conferences such as Worldwide Partner Conference.
At Microsoft, Myerson worked in business Internet services and server applications, including Site Server, BizTalk Server, and Windows Management Instrumentation. He joined the corporate email and calendar Microsoft Exchange software team in 2001, which he led for eight years.
The product requires the presence of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or later. Commerce Server also can leverage a number of other Microsoft server products, including BizTalk Server 2006, R2, or 2009 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS).
In a common scenario, BizTalk enables companies to integrate and manage automated business processes by exchanging business documents such as purchase orders and invoices between disparate applications, within or across organizational boundaries.