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Examples of "blacklite"
In October 2013 Blacklite District's second single "With Me Now" again reaches number one on Sirius / XM's "Octane" Channel.
In December 2012, Jeff Hanson signed two active rock artists Farewell 2 Fear and Blacklite District to the SMG label and apparently to JHMP management company. Both reached number one on Sirius / XM's "Octane" Channel. Blacklite District with "Take me to the grave" and Farewell 2 Fear with "Fire".
Blacklite District released it's sophomore album To Whom It May Concern on October 7, 2016, featuring the hit singles "The Struggle" and "We Are The Danger".
On April 4, it was announced that Blacklite District would be joining Saving Abel and Art of Dying on a spring tour, marking bLd's first major tour.
In May 2016, Blacklite District released "We Are The Danger" as an advanced track from their second album, "To Whom It May Concern", which was released on October 7, 2016.
"The Ghost of You and Me" was released as a music video and a Nightcore remix on December 28, 2016. The song was yet again a success for Blacklite District resulting in 400,000.
In 2017, American electronic hard rock band Blacklite District scored four consecutive Top 40 singles on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Indicator chart after several of their Nightcore remixes went viral and got over five million plays on YouTube.
Blacklite District (also referred to as bLd) is an electronic hard rock duo hailing from Spearfish, South Dakota, formed in 2002 by vocalists Kyle Pfeiffer and Roman James. In 2014, the group scored two consecutive No. 1 singles on SiriusXM Octane, landed Top 40 on "Billboard"s Mainstream Rock Chart, sold over 90,000 units, and toured the country with acts such as Saving Abel, Art of Dying, Jackyl, Royal Bliss and Nonpoint as well as many others. Blacklite District's major label debut, "Worldwide Controversy", was released on April 22, 2014, after leaking to piracy sites on April 21.
In 2017, Blacklite District reached 5 million streams of their Nightcore remixes on YouTube, which garnered the band mainstream attention in the remix / anime world. The hits on Nightcore resulted in major album sales and streaming growth, and overall popularity in many countries worldwide.
On December 19, "Take Me To The Grave" debuted on SiriusXM Octane. Three days later, the single hit #13 on Octane's "Big Uns" countdown, marking the first time Blacklite District has entered national radio charts. The song was released to iTunes on January 2, 2013. On January 3, it was announced that "Take Me To The Grave" hit #1 on SiriusXM Octane's Playlist. On January 19, the song peaked at #7 on the Big 'Uns Countdown. For the week ending January 25, the song shot onto the US Active Rock charts at #82, marking Blacklite District's debut on Mainstream Charts. On March 7, the band released "I Gambled and I Won" as the third track from the upcoming album.
Blacklights are a subset of fluorescent lamps that are used to provide near ultraviolet light (at about 360 nm wavelength). They are built in the same fashion as conventional fluorescent lamps but the glass tube is coated with a phosphor that converts the short-wave UV within the tube to long-wave UV rather than to visible light. They are used to provoke fluorescence (to provide dramatic effects using blacklight paint and to detect materials such as urine and certain dyes that would be invisible in visible light) as well as to attract insects to bug zappers. So-called "blacklite blue" lamps are also made from more expensive deep purple glass known as Wood's glass rather than clear glass. The deep purple glass filters out most of the visible colors of light directly emitted by the mercury-vapor discharge, producing proportionally less visible light compared with UV light. This allows UV-induced fluorescence to be seen more easily (thereby allowing blacklight posters to seem much more dramatic). The blacklight lamps used in bug zappers do not require this refinement so it is usually omitted in the interest of cost; they are called simply "blacklite" (and not blacklite blue).
The roots of Blacklite District go back to 2002 when vocalists Kyle Pfeiffer and Roman James began jamming together at the ages of 12 and 11 respectively. After writing and recording many demos, and playing live in the Black Hills area for many years, they were discovered by Grammy Award-winning producer Stephen Short, in early 2011. After signing a production deal, Short took the band to Sonic Ranch Studios in May 2011 to record their seven-track debut release, "This Is Where It Ends"', which was released on November 11 of that year.
On August 23, "The Struggle" was release to radio and To Whom It May Concern went for pre-order at digital retailers. Revolver Magazine premiered the music video for "The Struggle" on August 25. The band also announced a 41 date tour called "The Struggle Is Real Tour", which is kicking off on September 15 in Hutchingson, KS. Blacklite District released a Nightcore remix of "The Struggle" to YouTube on September 6, which got over 2,000,000 plays and resulted in the single breaking the Top 40 on Billboard's Mainstream Rock Indicator chart at #36.