Synonyms for blackmails or Related words with blackmails

coerces              blackmailed              goads              blackmailing              intimidates              brainwashes              deceives              conned              seduces              guilted              sneaks              cajoles              shapeshifts              hypnotizes              tricked              duped              tricking              goaded              smuggles              blackmail              coaxes              woges              cajole              goading              sneaked              insinuates              shoves              guilts              cajoled              kidnaps              coerced              snuck              forayed              coaxed              devolves              shoehorned              parlayed              disowns              ingratiates              coerce              persuades              tempts              bluffed              shapeshifted              transmutes              forgives              inveigles              purred              inveigled              barged             

Examples of "blackmails"
Jason McGuire Blackmails Elizabeth Collins Stoddard, episode 193 to 275.
Eddie breaks up with Helen, but Helen blackmails him into seeing her again.
Two women, apparently linked by a deep friendship, are involved in an obscure series of blackmails by a stranger.
Signor then finds out Severine likes Denis. He blackmails her into kissing him this evening, or else he will tell her father.
Ravi then visits ACP Kattabomman. He blackmails the ACP into registering a case against Vedhanayagam for smuggling liquor,as he has kidnapped the ACP's second wife.
Bernice "Bernie" Rhodenbarr, a former San Francisco burglar, resumes her life of crime when a corrupt police officer named Ray Kirschman blackmails her.
sons. But Jai backs off when VCR kidnaps Jyoti and blackmails Jai to back off. Things take a violent turn when Jyoti is murdered and Jai transforms into
Bree later hires Karl as her divorce lawyer. When Bree's husband, Orson Hodge, blackmails her into staying in the marriage, Karl and Bree begin an affair.
Once this field was destroyed, the team damages the Auctioneer's spaceship and, holding his database hostage, blackmails the entity into restoring everything and everyone stolen from Earth.
A young production assistant blackmails Jameson and Debbie Sue with a tape of their drunken behavior at the annual Christmas party. Jameson ignores the threat while Debbie Sue becomes paranoid about what she may have done.
The Vicious Years is a 1950 American film directed by Robert Florey. An orphan named Mario witnesses Luca Rossi committing a murder, and blackmails Luca into taking him home as a member of his family.
The President chews out Nick Fury in regard to the call from Osborn, who blackmails the government or he would publicize his treatment at the hands of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Fury dispatches the Ultimates, however, the five escapees then attack the Triskelion.
After developing the photographs in his darkroom, Chad shows the pictures to Julie. She is furious and threatens to call the police. Chad blackmails Julie into submitting to his romantic attentions, and she reluctantly agrees.
Eric Kirby blackmails Alan so that he will let him go to the island. Alan agrees, but tricks Eric, taking him during Christmas time where there are no operations going on at the island.
When the Muslim jihad pursues its Jewish victim, it manipulates and blackmails the West into submission. When the two tangle, the third party never escapes the consequences of the brawl.
The Rev. Harold "Stinker" Pinker and Stephanie "Stiffy" Byng wish to marry, but Stiffy's guardian Sir Watkyn doesn't approve. Stiffy blackmails Bertie into helping her convince her guardian otherwise.
After being released from his coffin, Adam chokes Hiro until he explains that they're looking for the missing formula. However, he refuses to help until Hiro blackmails him by locking him in his coffin again until he agrees.
A working-class housewife is sexually unsatisfied by her husband, and seeks fulfillment through extramarital relationships. Her affairs are discovered by a female brothel-owner who then blackmails the woman into working in her stable of prostitutes.
After consuming hallucigens, Dredd imagines a timeline where he never existed and Rico carried vital medicine across the Cursed Earth instead. Instead of giving it to Mega City Two, Rico blackmails the city into making him Chief Judge.
Tonio tries to bribe the banker Cipriani, but he refuses to do business with a Southerner. So Tonio blackmails him with photos scandal and convinces him to help him in the property market.