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Examples of "bloasbalg"
"Der Bloasbalg" was a member of the Alliance Gastronomique Néerlandaise.
Restaurant Der Bloasbalg was a restaurant located in Wahlwiller, in the Netherlands. It was a fine dining restaurant that was awarded one Michelin star in the period 1985-2005.
Before Reuten opened restaurant Da Vinci, she had already a lot of experience on high culinary level. She worked as sous chef in restaurant Der Bloasbalg, at that moment bestowed with a Michelin star. Other restaurants where she worked and trained were Toine Hermsen (sous chef), De Swaen (chef de partie) and Prinses Juliana (apprentice chef).
Sidney (born in Middelburg, The Netherlands 1976) discovered his passion for food and the art of cooking at a young age. He left his hometown at the age of 18, driven by his ambition to become a chef. His training was extensive; he gained experience from prestigious chefs in restaurants such as Restaurant Der Bloasbalg (1 Michelin star) under the guidance of Jan Waghemans, Restaurant Scholteshof (2 Michelin stars) of Roger Souvereyns and De Librije (3 Michelin stars) headed by Jonnie Boer. Meanwhile, Sidney was acknowledged as “SVH Meesterkok”, which is the highest recognition that a chef can achieve in The Netherlands.