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Examples of "blondlat"
The regiment was attached to the 1st Marching Brigade of Morocco () of général Blondlat, along with the 1st Zouaves Regiment () of Lieutenant-Colonel Leveque leading also 3 battalions of Commandants Lagure, Randier and Burkart.
The Tenth Army attacked from and during the Battle of Le Transloy, after being reinforced by the XXI Corps (General Paul Maistre) and the II Colonial Corps (General E. Blondlat). On 10 October the army attacked on a front in the centre of the army area towards Pressoir, Ablaincourt and Fresnes. The French captured the German second position around Ablaincourt and took about but south of Estrées, the attack by the 51st Division on Chaulnes was contained in Bois 4 to the north-west. On 14 October, an attack by the 10th Colonial Division and two other divisions on the left flank, next to the Sixth Army boundary, captured the trenches opposite and took about the French then paused to consolidate the ground around Ablaincourt, which had turned into a vast lake of mud and repulsed several German counter-attacks. The army began preparations for an attack later in October to capture the Butte de Fresnes and cut the Chaulnes–Péronne railway but the weather, the state of the ground, exhaustion of the infantry and the increased powers of resistance of the German 2nd Army slowed the French advance.