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blundered              goaded              goads              cajoled              inveigled              intimidates              goading              devolves              coerces              parleyed              shoehorned              lulled              cajole              deceives              browbeat              brainwashes              shapeshifts              shapeshifted              sneaked              cajoles              parlayed              guilts              browbeats              coaxed              coaxes              woges              barged              delved              snuck              hustled              sauntered              blundering              guilted              dragooned              crept              clattered              duped              suckered              hurtled              blackmails              interjected              conned              forayed              pummels              reintegrated              insinuates              trespassed              tricking              browbeaten              hypnotizes             

Examples of "bluffed"
As CEO of Satbel, De Villiers was instrumental in ending racial segregation in South African cinema theatres. Describing his dealings with former South African president F. W. De Klerk, the then-Minister of Internal Affairs, de Villiers said: "We bluffed each other that it would be catastrophic if we didn't do the right thing. De Klerk bluffed the government and I bluffed the entertainment industry and together we managed to pull it off."
Johnny Chan portrayed himself in the 1998 film "Rounders". In a flashback scene, Chan is bluffed by the main character Mike McDermott (Matt Damon).
MacDonald’s contrarian lifestyle first came to the notice of national media when he bluffed his way into the 1960 Democratic National Convention headquarters of the Democratic National Committee, at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles.
The first arrests of protest participants were made Wednesday evening. Olympia police reported two demonstrators were arrested for attempting to block the convoys leaving the port grounds. Protest participants reported police used excessive force that evening. On the evening of 8 November, another individual was arrested, this time for trespassing after he had successfully bluffed his way past the Port of Olympia security gate.
Baden-Powell realised his small force was not capable of offensive operations. So he bluffed entry to Mafeking by obtaining permission for an "armed guard in Mafeking to protect the stores". As authorities had not specified the size of the guard, Baden-Powell moved his whole force into the town, his first of many deceptions over the next year.
In the 1990s, Smith worked as an independent cameraman and video news journalist covering wars and conflict in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Chechnya, Kosovo, and elsewhere. Smith himself filmed the only uncontrolled footage of the Gulf War in 1991, after he bluffed his way into an active-duty unit while disguised as a British Army officer.
Having bluffed his way into auto racing at the age of 18, he turned out to be a natural talent behind the wheel and won the 1908 Daytona Speed Trials. He then went on to win the American Grand Prize in both 1910 and 1911 as well as numerous other races. He also participated in the 1911 and 1912 editions of the Indianapolis 500.
Sword finally met Xanana Gusmão face to face in December 1994 while he was serving a 20-year sentence in Jakarta's Cipinang prison for leading the East Timorese resistance group FRETILIN. Their first contact came when she taught him English by correspondence from 1992. Ultimately she bluffed her way into the prison at Christmas 1994 on the pretence of visiting an uncle.
During World War II, in the period of the Italian Social Republic (or Salò Republic), three days after the Germans occupied Rome on 10 September 1943, Ferri bluffed his way back into the research facility at Guidonia, destroyed the vital equipment and filled a fruit crate with documents of his research before escaping underground.
In 2001, he finished 6th place in the WSOP $10,000 no limit Hold 'em main event. Matusow says that the decisive hand was when he was bluffed by eventual champion Juan Carlos Mortensen, but did not trust his instincts to call.
Duke wrote an autobiography titled "Annie Duke: How I Raised, Folded, Bluffed, Flirted, Cursed, and Won Millions at the World Series of Poker", which was published in September 2005. She performed for storytelling organization The Moth, and in January 2013, she was a featured storyteller on the Unchained Tour, a storytelling tour across the Southern United States.
In the period after the Famine many town shopkeepers bought tracts of countryside and in many cases were as uncaring as the traditional planter landlord. One such, whom he describes as “bloated and bluffed, a boycotted draper, in Ballyjamesduff”, is castigated in “The Calico Landlord”.
Later Wilson was captain of the East Indiaman "Warley" for five voyages. He was captain in 1804 at the Battle of Pulo Aura when a fleet of East Indiamen under Nathaniel Dance fought and bluffed a French squadron. Wilson died on 10 May 1810 at his home in Colyton, Devon.
Evan Hurwitz and Tshilidzi Marwala developed a software agent that bluffed while playing a poker-like game. They used intelligent agents to design agent outlooks. The agent was able to learn to predict its opponents reactions based on its own cards and the actions of others. By using reinforcement neural network the agents were able to learn to bluff without prompting.
On Monday morning, 24 November, the Germans bluffed Alan Garydon, an air apprentice, to start up a Miles Magister trainer aircraft. The escapees initially thought of heading towards neutral Eire but the weather over the Irish Sea looked poor for an open cockpit aircraft and instead the Germans headed south east and hopefully onto German-occupied Holland.
The "Texas" train crew had been bluffed by Andrews into taking the station siding, thereby allowing the "General" to continue northward along the single-track main line. Fuller, when he met the "Texas", took command of her, picked up eleven Confederate troops at Calhoun, and continued his pursuit.
Running low on cash in Auckland, he bluffed his way into the Galaxie nightclub, saying he was Gene Chandler, a top performer from Sydney, and would do a guest spot for free entry. In the audience was Eldred Stebbing who managed and recorded Ray Columbus, Max Merritt & The Meteors and the La De Das on his Zodiac label.
The eleventh bushtucker trial of the series was titled 'Fill Your Face' and was contested by Antonio Fargas. He won 4 stars. After the trial ended, he famously bluffed his words and said "There's a celebrity in my ear!". He meant to say there was a creature in his ear.
Born in Brentford, Middlesex, Thurston played in bands in London before he "bluffed his way" into audio engineering. After hooking up with Tony Visconti he co-engineered David Bowie's ""Heroes"" and Iggy Pop's "Lust For Life" (both 1977); he is also credited with co-producing the latter album with Bowie and Pop, under the collective pseudonym "Bewlay Bros".
When Warren G. Harding ran for President in 1920, his wife skilfully bluffed reporters into believing that she had been a widow, not a divorcee, when they married. When she duly became First Lady, her ex-husband and son were forbidden topics at the White House and in the press.