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bluffed              goaded              shoehorned              sneaked              clattered              snuck              goads              shapeshifts              barged              devolves              shapeshifted              forayed              dragooned              inveigled              crept              woges              goading              waded              cajoled              hurtled              dived              parlayed              slithered              trespassed              snowballed              hustled              limped              sauntered              delved              guilts              galloped              guilted              lurched              parachuted              metamorphosized              intimidates              coaxed              coerces              suckered              cursoroutofrange              coaxes              squeaked              shoved              parleyed              ducked              strolled              segueing              duped              foraying              redivided             

Examples of "blundered"
He also "blundered" into an area of sea "intended for a practice bombing run by RAF Tornados".
In the second game, many felt that Sherman blundered in his opening play while Boys cruised to an easy 404-278 victory despite missing ABOmASA early on.
While Ruby Walsh was injured, Sam Thomas rode Big Buck's in the Hennessy Gold Cup, where the horse blundered and unseated his jockey.
Botvinnik was outplayed by Miguel Najdorf, but Euwe blundered to lose in an even position against Kotov to leave Botvinnik with first place.
This seems to be blundered, chronologically. It may be that Sames was meant to succeed Orontes IV, but died the same year.
In 2009, Tomashevsky won the 10th European Individual Chess Championship after tie-breaks. The decisive match against Vladimir Malakhov went into armageddon stadium, where Malakhov blundered a rook in a winning position.
It should be noted however, that in game 6, Kasparov blundered very early into the game. Kasparov cites tiredness and unhappiness with the IBM team's conduct at the time as the main reason.
The second position is from a 1982 game between former world champion Boris Spassky and then world champion Anatoly Karpov. The position is a theoretical draw but Karpov later blundered in time trouble and resigned on move 84.
The disunited Prussian columns blundered into a series of uncoordinated attacks, each against superior numbers. By the afternoon, after about five hours of fighting, the Prussians were disoriented and Daun's troops were driving them back.
The original records show that a large group of Aborigines blundered into the British settlement. The soldiers mistakenly thought they were under attack and killed some of the intruders.
The game continued; Lasker blundered and resigned on move 46. Capablanca repeated the position to gain time on the clock (i.e. get in some quick moves before time control) . (Capablanca went on to win the match and became world champion.)
From November 25 to December 5, 2006 "Deep Fritz" played a six-game match against Kramnik in Bonn. Fritz was able to win 4–2. In this match, Kramnik blundered away game 2, allowing a mate in one.
In March 2012 the band released its first official video, entitled Petyorshka. Directed by Kobie Flashman, it showcases the band playing Russian tune Petyorshka at a woodland party into which two dazed, crash-landed cosmonauts have blundered.
In 1910 Schlechter played a match against Emanuel Lasker for the World Chess Championship (in Vienna and Berlin). It is now generally accepted that Schlechter needed to score +2 to win the match and thus needed to win the tenth game. But in the tenth game tragedy struck: after first achieving a won game, Schlechter blundered into a clearly drawn position, and then blundered again which led to his loss of the game. The match ended tied at 5–5 (+1 −1 =8) and Lasker retained his title. (For match details see World Chess Championship 1910.) Schlechter distinguished himself as the first player in 16 years to seriously challenge Lasker's world title.
Junior newspaper reporter Hector Puncheon has a beer in a pub, and discovers later that someone put a bag of cocaine in his coat pocket. He must have blundered into a distribution operation, but there is no further sign of anything at that pub. Apparently the ring holds each week's distribution at a different location.
While on the Court of Appeals, he criticized the Exclusionary rule as developed by the federal courts, and stated that: "The criminal is to go free because the constable has blundered." He noted that many states had rejected the rule, but suggested that the adoption by the federal courts would affect the practice in the sovereign states.
The critic for "The Sydney Morning Herald" thought the adaptation blundered by not establishing where and when the play was set, saying the director "wasted speculation while a huge cast of strange characters passed before him — too many, in fact, to be accommodated comfortably in such short playing lime." He also felt the word "flamin' " was overused.
In April 1914, Mexican officials in Tampico arrested a few American sailors who blundered into a prohibited area, and Wilson used the incident to justify ordering the U.S. Navy to occupy the port city of Veracruz. The move greatly weakened Huerta's control, and he abandoned power to Venustiano Carranza, whom Wilson immediately recognized as the president of Mexico.
During cross-examination it became clear that the police surgeon had blundered, in not taking temperature to ascertain the time of death, and the Police had allowed the crime-scene to become cross-contaminated. Beattie, the recipient of the telephone message at the chess-club, who knew Wallace well, was unshakable in his opinion that the voice was not Wallace's.
"I hope you will help me out," she said to John as he bowed and seated himself. "'Some one has blundered,' and here is a whole bottle of champagne which must be drunk to save it. Are you prepared to help turn my, or somebody's, blunder into hospitality?"