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Examples of "bluworld"
Beach and Drummond were featured on CNBC’s The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch in 2008 to discuss the rapid success of Bluworld.
Beach successfully pioneered the concept of “water as art”, selling water sculptures to celebrities and international business clients, which enabled Bluworld to become an internationally recognized art and design studio. The company partnered on a furniture line with renowned spokesmodel and design entrepreneur Kathy Ireland.
Lo Presher's last live performance was at the House of Blues in Orlando on July 26, 2003. Plans for a reunion show are said to be in the works. Thad and Nate Cranston continue to produce soundtracks for Everything Records and Jimi Beach has become a recognized artist responsible for creating the designer brands "Bluworld of Water" and Bong Spirit Vodka.
On 11 January 2013, Datawind and the United Nations, in partnership with Agnite Education, American Digital University, Applications for Good, BluWorld, Cat in Woods, and Equal Access International, launched a contest for developing socially responsible applications to empower women. The contest measured apps from the perspective of leadership and mentorship, jobs and entrepreneurship, and education and conflict resolution. The winners of the contest were the My Rights application, the Pictoson application, and the Talking English application.
In 1998 Beach used profits from tours and album sales as capital to launch a concept that combined his love for water and art. Bluworld of Water, started by Beach and his brother Sean Drummond, has grown into the largest commercial and residential indoor water feature company in the world. Beach served as the creative force behind the brand until 2005, and has been referred to as the world's foremost authority on water art and design.