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Examples of "bobblehead"
Bobbleheads 2013 This year the Rays released several bobbleheads. The first was released on April 22 and featured David Price's dog "Astro". On April 24 the Rays released the famous "Joe Gnome" bobblehead. May 24–26 saw the release of the Fernando Rodney bobblehead in his famous shooting-the-arrow position. On July 6 the team released the Evan Longoria retro bobblehead.
Capitalizing on his catch phrase "Sheeeeeeeee-it" and his public notoriety, Whitlock launched a successful Kickstarter Talking Bobblehead campaign. This campaign is the most successful bobblehead promotion in Kickstarter history. The campaign has raised over $100,000 from 1,828 backers.
Bobbleheads 2012 The first bobblehead released was Kyle Farnsworth on May 24. June 3 saw the release of a Desmond Jennings Bobblehead. Coach Joe Maddon saw his bobblehead released on June 15. On June 29 the Rays released the whimsical Zim Bear. Although this was not a bobblehead, the likeness of long-time coach Don Zimmer proved to be a fan favorite. July saw the release of two bobbleheads with James Shields on July 1 and Matt Moore on July 22. The last bobblehead was Matt Joyce on September 23.
The Cleveland Indians have also sold Chief Wahoo bobblehead dolls.
Snoop Dogg gives all his audience a Snoop Dogg bobblehead
January 7, 2015 marked the inaugural National Bobblehead Day.
Mr. Six appeared as a bobblehead in the Six Flags New for 2017 Announcement video.
A bobblehead of Lieberthal is seen many times in scenes of the show The Office.
The Indians honored "Hammy" with a talking Tom Hamilton bobblehead night in 2008.
On June 17, 2012, the Mets had a Keith Hernandez bobblehead giveaway.
Carey has shown his support for the Indians by throwing the first pitch at an August 12, 2006, game against the Kansas City Royals. He was rewarded by the Cleveland Indians for being "the greatest Indians fan alive" with a personal bobblehead doll made in his likeness that was given to fans. Carey responded to his bobblehead likeness by saying "Bobblehead Day, for me, is as big as getting a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame."
After the episode, fans wanted their own bobblehead dolls of Dwight. A petition was started to get NBC to sell them at their online store. NBC responded by creating an initial run of 4,000 bobblehead dolls, which sold out almost immediately. The network decided to make more, and since then, the bobblehead has become the best-selling merchandise on the NBC website, and has sold over 150,000 units.
Sullivan has the distinction of being the only Chiefs player in franchise history to have a Bobblehead Night. A bobblehead with Sullivan's likeness was given to the first 2,000 fans in attendance on March 28, 2004, when the Chiefs played the visiting Cincinnati Cyclones.
In 2000, a bobblehead doll was issued as a promotion during a Las Vegas 51s baseball game.
On July 7, 2007, the Portland Beavers' Triple-A baseball team held "John Canzano Bobblehead Night." Also, on Aug. 29, 2009, the LPGA Safeway Classic featured "John Canzano Bobblehead Day," as part of the tour event held at Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club in Oregon.
In 2015, the A's produced a bobblehead of Vogt, which was given away to fans on May 28. The bobblehead was modeled after Vogt's appearance on the MLB Network talk show, "Intentional Talk," where he performed a bit dressed up as a basketball referee. The bobblehead featured Vogt dressed as a basketball referee and included a sound chip in the base, with three audio clips. While the first two featured bits of audio from his MLB Network interview, the third clip featured the fans of Oakland's right field bleachers performing the chant. The A's ended up winning the game 5–4 over the New York Yankees.
In August 2008 fans voted for Steve Kraly to be shown on a bobblehead figurine from 18,433 votes for several famous local Binghamton residents. After a brief speech of gratitude Kraly went on to do the first pitch. The bobblehead was then given away to the first 1,500 fans to arrive at the stadium on Saturday, 23 August.
After receiving an Empire Today bobblehead doll, Bernard decides to begin a bobblehead doll collection. However, after ordering 60 bobbleheads, he finds that some were in fact figures in which the head remains stationary and the body bobbles. Bernard feels strongly that such figures should be "accurately labeled" as "bobble-body" and "not" "bobble-head".
Near the top of the list of McCarley’s favorite artists are names like Fiona Apple, Patty Griffin and Greg Laswell (the latter of whom co-wrote “Bobblehead”).
On Sunday, June 12, 2011, the Chicago White Sox gave out Roger Bossard bobblehead dolls to the first 20,000 fans in attendance vs. the Oakland Athletics. ,