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Examples of "bockenauer"
Bockenau has an active club life manifested mainly at the new "Bockenauer Schweiz Halle".
Bodo Bockenauer (born 22 December 1940) is a German former figure skater. He is a two-time Blue Swords champion, a three-time East German national champion, and represented the Unified Team of Germany at the 1960 Winter Olympics, finishing 16th. His best ISU Championship result, sixth, came at the 1962 European Championships.
Coached by Inge Wischnewski, Bockenauer trained at SC Dynamo Berlin and represented East Germany internationally for most of his competitive career. At the 1960 Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley, California, he competed as part of the Unified Team of Germany and finished 16th.
Bockenauer defected to West Germany on 20 December 1963 in West Berlin, soon after arriving at a qualifying competition for the German unified team to the 1964 Olympics. Though he originally intended to join an ice show, he eventually began competing for West Germany. After winning the national silver medal, he was sent to the 1966 World Championships and finished 20th. In 1968, he began coaching at SC Küsnacht in Switzerland.
Bockenau lies at the south edge of the Hunsrück in the Ellerbach valley at the 380 m-high Wingertsberg and is enclosed by the Soonwald foothills, whose highest elevation is the Ellerspring at 657 m above sea level, which is also where the Ellerbach, which passes through Bockenau, rises. The village thus lies geographically in the scenically interesting and to a great extent untouched Gauchswald (forest). As a whole, the countryside is known as the "Bockenauer Schweiz" ("Bockenau Switzerland"), as reflected in the name borne by the village’s sport and event centre. The municipal area measures 9.66 km².
Beginning no later than the 12th century, Bockenau belonged to the County of Sponheim and was thereby one of its oldest landholds, and therefore lies today on the "Sponheimer Weg", an historically thematized hiking trail. Nevertheless, the village’s origins actually go much further back. When the new building zone “In der Bein” was opened, foundations of a Roman villa rustica from the 3rd century AD were found. This was proved by the coins that were also unearthed. On the lands of the campground called "Bockenauer Schweiz", lying within municipal limits, and the settlement of "Daubacher Brücke" (between Winterburg and Bockenau) once lay, in the Middle Ages, Nunkirchen, a homestead with a church that was owned by Jutta von Sponheim.