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grasshopper_mouse_onychomys              pygmy_mouse_baiomys              brown_bandicoot_isoodon              betulina_lr_nt              bottlenose_whale_hyperoodon_planifrons              needle_clawed_bushbaby_euoticus              cabassous_centralis              sicista              obesulus              caurina              hairy_nosed_wombat_lasiorhinus              tamandua_tamandua_mexicana              euoticus              ningaui_ningaui              barbastellus_vu_genus_eptesicus              myodes_gapperi              brunneopygia              fiscal_lanius_collaris              cheriway              anteater_chat              blarina_brevicauda              scrub_robin_drymodes              freetail_bat              thomomys_talpoides              fiscal_lanius_humeralis              bat_eptesicus_nilssoni_lr              bald_ibis_geronticus_calvus              sicistinae_genus              white_breasted_hedgehog              pygmy_owl_glaucidium_gnoma              screamer_chauna              erinaceus_concolor              cabassous_unicinctus              elegantulus              antpipit_corythopis              vanellus_cayanus              bottlenose_whale_hyperoodon_ampullatus              lithobates_pipiens              clethrionomys              timealeyi              bettong_bettongia              rangiana              guttulus              karelinii              short_tailed_shrew              caracara_caracara              mackinnon_shrike_lanius_mackinnoni              elephant_seal_mirounga              gapperi              white_rhinoceros_ceratotherium             

Examples of "bog_lemming_synaptomys"
The northern bog lemming ("Synaptomys borealis") is a small North American lemming. This is one of two species in genus "Synaptomys", the other being the southern bog lemming.
The southern bog lemming ("Synaptomys cooperi") is a small North American lemming. Its range overlaps with the other species in genus "Synaptomys", the northern bog lemming, in southeastern Canada but extends further south.
Thirty-seven species of mammals have been identified at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. Four other species are thought to inhabit the park, but have not been documented: the northern long-eared myotis ("Myotis septentrionalis"), the Indiana bat ("Myotis sodalis"), the hoary bat ("Lasiurus cinereus"), and the southern bog lemming ("Synaptomys cooperi")
Prolistrophorus grassii is a parasitic mite in the genus "Prolistrophorus". It was described as "Listrophorus grassii" (a member of the genus "Listrophorus") in 1954 from the marsh rice rat ("Oryzomys palustris") in Georgia. In 1974, Fain and Hyland placed it in "Prolistrophorus" and in 1984, Fain and Lukoschus redescribed the species on the basis of collections from the marsh rice rat in Georgia, Alabama, and Florida and the southern bog lemming ("Synaptomys cooperi") in Indiana, West Virginia, and Iowa.
Euschoengastia peromysci is a mite in the genus "Euschoengastia" of the family Trombiculidae. Recorded hosts include the cotton mouse ("Peromyscus gossypinus") and marsh rice rat ("Oryzomys palustris") in Georgia; the northern short-tailed shrew ("Blarina brevicauda"), northern red-backed vole ("Myodes gapperi"), northern flying squirrel ("Glaucomys sabrinus"), rock vole ("Microtus chrotorrhinus"), white-footed mouse ("Peromyscus leucopus"), and deermouse ("Peromyscus maniculatus") in Tennessee; and northern red-backed vole, southern bog lemming ("Synaptomys cooperi"), masked shrew ("Sorex cinereus"), and eastern red squirrel ("Tamiasciurus hudsonicus") in North Carolina, among others.