Synonyms for boguslavske or Related words with boguslavske

rozsadky              orikhove              kirove              shroma              murehe              rathedaung              viqarunnisa              verkhnotoretske              avtury              maiorsk              trokhizbenka              dhobley              thevipuram              tagab              novoaidar              ostenburg              novoselivka              novohryhorivka              zolote              hranitne              orakau              toretske              nikolaevka              novomyhailivka              shchastya              dafniya              alanchipothana              sanzharivka              lozove              bohdanivka              hnutove              vellankulam              balgo              chernukhin              sangin              jagei              moyode              popasna              mahogo              garbaharey              leshten              mitata              bigova              berezhove              handwara              beledhawo              novhorodske              koziatyn              starohnativka              meicheng             

Examples of "boguslavske"
The rebels fired mortars and antitank missiles on Ukrainian troops at Pisky and Butivka mining complex. Separatist shelling injured one civilian in Avdiivka. Fresh fighting was reported at Shyrokyne, where the militias fired small arms -including sniper rifles and heavy machine guns-, rocket propelled grenades and 120 mm mortars. In the area south of Artemivsk, the militias launched rocket propelled grenades and antitank missiles on Lozove and fired mortars on Boguslavske. One member of the "Aidar" battalion was reported killed near Zolote.
In the course of this day, the militias continued their relentess attack on Shyrokyne. In the area west of Donetsk city, heavy mortars and artillery were fired on Ukrainian positions at Pervomaisk, Opytne and Severne. Pro-Russian tanks pounded Ukrainian outposts at Maryinka and Opytne, and Ukrainian troops in Pisky were harassed with small arms. The rebels fired small arms, automatic grenade launchers and 82 mm mortars on Zolote. Sanzharivka was also the target of automatic grenade launchers, while small arms -including machine guns- were fired at Boguslavske. Shchastya's old town was struck by 120 mm mortar rounds.
According to military spokesman Andriy Lysenko one Ukrainian soldier was killed and five wounded in the previous 24 hours. Most casualties occurred in Shyrokyne area. During the same period, the militias opened fire with heavy mortars, tanks and heavy artillery on Avdiivka, Opytne, Kamenka, Pisky, Hranitne, Butivka mining complex, Berezove, Verkhnotoretske and Taramchuk, in the area west of Donetsk city. Shyrokyne was again the target of small arms, rocket propelled grenades, mortars and self-propelled artillery. A minor skirmish took place near Hnutove between Ukrainian troops and pro-Russian scouts. South of Artemivsk the rebel artillery diminished last night, but a sniper was active in Slavkovich and mortar rounds landed in Boguslavske.
At noon, a Ukrainian military ambulance was riddled with gunfire in Komyshne, near Syze, by pro-Russian assailants; one Ukrainian soldier was killed. On Bakhmutka road, rebel forces harassed Ukrainian positions at Krimsky and Zolote with small arms, rocket propelled grenades and mortars. The same weapons were used against the Ukrainian garrison at Shyrokyne. The separatists also fired small arms -including heavy machine guns- and automatic grenade launchers on Opytne, Pisky and Butivka mining complex. South of Artemivsk, pro-Russian forces used automatic grenade launchers to attack Boguslavske, heavy machine guns in Kirove and armoured fighting vehicles in Stodolishche.
Two Ukrainian soldiers were reported killed and another three wounded over the previous 24 hours. The Ukrainian army recorded 85 pro-Russian attacks on Ukrainian troops for the same period, ten of them in the early hours of the day. The area around Donetsk city continued to be the main target of the militias, with 52 violations of the ceasefire. Rebel snipers were active at Maryinka. South of Artemivsk, mortar fire was reported on Ukrainian positions at Boguslavske. In the northern front, automatic grenade launchers fired on Krimsky and Zolote. Early in the morning, the separatists launched 20 "Grad" artillery rockets at Nyzhnje.
According to military spokesman Oleksandr Motuzyanyk one Ukrainian serviceman was killed and eight wounded in action in the last 24 hours. Overnight, the rebels attacked ten settlements along the frontlines. In the area of Donetsk city, mortar rounds landed in Pisky, while small arms -including heavy machine guns- and rocket propelled grenades were fired on Ukrainian outposts in Maryinka. South of Artemivsk, separatists troops fired small arms, rocket propelled grenades, antitank missiles and mortars on Ukrainian troops in the villages of Boguslavske, Lozove, Zolote, Kirove and Leninske. Self-propelled artillery pounded Popasna for almost one hour. Close combat was reported near Leninske and Nelipivka. In the northern front, rocket propelled grenades, mortars and tanks targeted the town of Shchastya. On Bakhmutka road, the militias used small arms, antiaircraft cannons and armoured fighting vehicles against Krimsky and Sokolniki. During the first hours of night, Shyrokyne was the target of rocket propelled grenades, mortars and self-propelled artillery. Small arms fire was reported at Pavlopil.