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Examples of "boisvert"
Boisvert was born on November 15, 1916 in Saint-Adrien, Quebec to Theophile and Beatrice Boisvert. The Boisvert family moved to Lewiston, Maine in 1917, where he resided for the rest of his life.
Larry Boisvert, President and Chief Executive Officer, Telesat Canada
Boisvert is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:
Gore lives in Santa Barbara, California. He started dating lingerie designer and model Suzanne Boisvert after meeting in Paris in 1989. They married in August 1994. He has three children with Boisvert: daughters Viva Lee Gore (born 1991) and Ava Lee Gore (born 1995), and son Calo Leon Gore (born 2002). Gore and Boisvert divorced in 2006.
Boisvert has appeared in film and television and is most notable for his lead roles in "Celeste in the City", "Deadly Skies" and the television series "Young Blades". He has a daughter named London Rhoda Boisvert.
France Boisvert (born June 10, 1959) is a Quebec educator and writer.
Serge Boisvert is currently an Amateur Scout with the Montreal Canadiens of the NHL.
Michael "Monkey" Boisvert (born 1973) is a Canadian actor and choreographer.
Gilles Boisvert (born February 16, 1940) is a Canadian artist and sculptor.
Boisvert died on 23 February 1988 at Ottawa. He was 91.
Marc Boisvert filled in on drums for Rustic Overtones in early 2002, while regular drummer Tony McNaboe took a break from Rustic to pursue other projects. When Rustic originally disbanded in 2002, Boisvert joined Gutter and Roods in PSC, but after Rustic Overtones reunited in 2007 McNaboe replaced Boisvert as the drummer for Paranoid Social Club. Well-known Portland guitarist/vocalist Trent Gay joined the group in 2010.
Romeo T. Boisvert (November 15, 1916 - November 24, 1981) was an American politician from Maine. A prominent Democrat, Boisvert served 12 years in the Maine Senate from Androscoggin County. He also served as Mayor of his hometown of Lewiston, Maine and in the Maine House of Representatives. While in the Senate, Boisvert served at different times as both the Assistant Minority Leader and Assistant Majority Leader.
Alex Boisvert-Lacroix (born 8 April 1987) is a Canadian speed skater who is specialized in the sprint distances.
In Sweden, Boisvert played for Västra Frölunda, and for Frisk Tigers, Spektrum Flyers and Vålerenga in Norway. He won the Calder Cup in 1985. He won a Stanley Cup championship in 1986 with Montreal. In 2002 Boisvert coached Frisk Tigers to the Norwegian Championship.
Eighth son of Abraham Boisvert and Marie Biron, he was part of the ninth immigrant generation in Quebec. At the fifth generation, the name ‘de Nevers’ was changed into ‘Boisvert’. Mr. Ernest Laforce, whose grandmother was the sister of Lorenzo de Nevers’s grandmother, explains the change as follows:
Three ‘de Nevers’ established themselves at Baie Saint-Antoine (called Baie-du-Febvre). One of them chose to establish himself at Coteau du Bois Vert. In order to be able to identify him differently from the others, people were calling him de Nevers from du Bois Vert, then Nevers known as Boisvert, then finally at the fifth generation, Boisvert only.
He was the son of Dominique Boisvert and was educated at the Séminaire de Nicolet. In 1867, he married Marie Philomene Hamel. Boisvert also served as president of the local school board. He died in office at the age of 58.
Maurice Boisvert (18 February 1897 – 23 February 1988) was a Canadian politician and lawyer. He was elected to the Canadian House of Commons as a Member of the Liberal Party in the 1949 election to represent the riding of Nicolet—Yamaska defeating Progressive Conservative MP Renaud Chapdelaine who had won an upset by-election victory earlier that year. Boisvert was re-elected in 1953.
Other Officers include Keith Roy (Dominion Vice-Chairman, Western Canada), Étienne Boisvert (Dominion Vice-Chairman, Quebec), and Cian Horrobin (Dominion Vice-Chairman, Ontario).
Pierre Serge Boisvert (born June 1, 1959) is a Canadian former professional ice hockey player for the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens.