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nicoline              fredrikke              jensine              frederikke              elsebeth              birgitte              hedevig              vilhelmine              jensdatter              margrete              hansdatter              hartvig              merete              eiler              aagot              dorte              lisbet              turid              petronelle              kirstine              gustava              ingunn              leganger              bredal              valborg              cathrine              olsdatter              jytte              fjeldstad              gunhild              schytte              andrine              vigdis              pedersdatter              vibeke              puggaard              riddervold              elvebakk              agnethe              kjersti              berit              didrik              bente              eiliv              borghild              kjellaug              torleiv              gitte              bergljot              ejner             

Examples of "bolette"
In 1908 he married Bolette Margrethe Nissen Kaurin, daughter of a chief physician in Molde, Edvard Kaurin and his wife Bolette Margrethe Nissen. They had the son Johan Johannson, Jr, who took over the family business. Bolette Margrethe Nissen was also a sister of Hartvig Johannson's mother, making Hartvig Johannson and his wife first cousins.
Bolette Blaagaard & Carey Jewit “Montage as a Tool of Political Visual Realignment,” Fatimah Tuggar,
Anne Bolette Holsen (21 July 1856 – 1 June 1913) was a Norwegian teacher and proponent for women's rights.
Bolette Margrethe Gjør, née Nissen (11 May 1835 – 4 November 1909) was a Norwegian writer and inner missionary.
Lambrechts was born in Krogstad as a son of veterinarian Bernhard Lambrechts and Bolette Aschehoug. In 1891 he married Mischa Dreyer.
Bolette Sutermeister Petri (born October 23, 1920 in Kriens, Switzerland) is a Danish-Swiss writer (travel literature), considered as ″expert for the High North".
Ryan then moved to Denmark, where his wife Bolette came from, and wrote music for films and TV. He died in April 2016.
He was born in Østre Toten, as the son of military officer Balthasar Schnitler (died 1840) and Bolette Rogneby. He married Nanni Cathrine Sidonia Gudmundson (1833–1901) in 1859, and was the father of military officer and historian Gudmund Schnitler.
He was born in Bærum to physician Carl August Knutsen and Margery Henriette Caroline Louise Thaulow, and was a grandson of Heinrich Arnold Thaulow. In 1892 he married Sofie Bolette Gran.
The property was given the Carlsminde by Bolette Rudolphine Berg (1761–1836) in memory of her late husband Carl Berg. She also completed a 3.5 hectare park in English landscape style.
Georg Brockhoff Quistgaard was born on 19 February 1915 in Peder Skramsgade 11-3, Copenhagen to Cand.polit., secretary at Børsen Georg Brockhoff Quistgaard and wife Marie Bolette née Breyen, and was baptized on 3 May 1915 in the Church of Holmen. His father had died before his birth, on 18 December 1914 at Rigshospitalet at the age of 40.
He was born in Seljord to vicar ("sogneprest") Hans Amundsen Wille and his wife Bolette Nilsdatter Møllerup. He graduated as cand.theol. in 1798. He worked as chaplain in Vaale from 1802 to 1811, and then as a schoolmaster for some years before being appointed vicar in Nøtterø in 1814.
He was born at Teien in Åsgårdstrand as a son of shipmaster Adolf Kvernheim Riddervold (1760–1817) and Bredine Bolette Nielsen (1773–1811). He was the father of Julius Riddervold, who in turn was a grandfather of Hans Julius Riddervold. Hans Riddervold's daughter Bodil Mathea married Cato Guldberg and the daughter Mette Marie Riddervold married Peter Andreas Jensen.
Weinreich was born in Copenhagen on 12 October 1886, the second child of Ferdinand Emil Weinreich and Vilhelmine Frederikke Bolette Sivertsen (1852–1893). Both his older sister Amanda and younger sister Valborg emigrated to the United States, but Gustav remained in Denmark working with his father as a craftsman.
He was born in Trondhjem (now Trondheim) as a son of Nicolai Bredo Stabell (1736–1817) and Karen Bolette Grøgaard (1769–1832). He was married twice. In September 1829 he married Caroline Birgitte Knudtzon (1805–1848). After her death, he married Theodora Adolphine Egidius (1827–1910) in March 1860.
Skovgården was built in 1820. In 1831 it was acquired by the merchant Hans Puggaard who spent the summers there with his wife Bolette. Their visitors included many leading artists of the Danish Golden Age, including C. W. Eckersberg, Vilhelm Marstrand, Bertel Thorvaldsen, Michael Gottlieb Bindesbøll and Herman Wilhelm Bissen.
Among the undaunted helpers in the "Evangelical Church of the old-Prussian Union", hiding and feeding the 'submarines', were many women, but also men, such as Bolette Burckhardt, Pastor Theodor Burckhardt, Helene Jacobs, Franz Kaufmann, Pastor Wilhelm Jannasch, Pastor , Pastor Eitel-Friedrich von Rabenau, Gertrud Staewen, Pastor Hans Urner etc.
Fred. Olsen & Co. are also connected to Hvitsten where they have the family place Lysedal. The Hvitsten chapel (built in 1903) was a gift from Fred Olsen’s mother, Bolette Olsen. Today, son Petter Olsen's Ramme Gaard estate is located in the area.
Daughter of major Gustav Ludvig von Klenau (1703–72) and Bolette Cathrine From (1696-1788). She was brought up by her relative Anna Sophie von den Osten, head lady-in-waiting to Princess Charlotte Amalie of Denmark, who financed her education and gave her a pension.
Arup was born in Newcastle, England, in 1895, to the Danish veterinary surgeon Jens Simon Johannes Arup and his Norwegian wife Mathilde Bolette Nyquist. Arup attended the Sorø Academy in Denmark—a boarding school with many influences from Dr Thomas Arnold of the Rugby School in the United Kingdom.