Synonyms for bonafe or Related words with bonafe

sanvito              geuna              nurzynska              ponzoni              scielzo              bussolati              biffoni              chiodoni              seriolo              logozzi              torella              andreola              garaci              rugarli              jakoniuk              aguennouz              mancardi              aqeilan              tubaro              zambruno              salio              plebani              bottino              biglioli              venerando              lucattelli              petrocca              bellosta              sampaolesi              slomianny              hocini              chiozzi              minopoli              ferracin              pilozzi              musiani              cigudosa              gamido              zentilin              papotti              lugini              baccarani              antoniucci              bistoni              quaini              cascapera              galluzzi              ranelletti              capanni              pistello             

Examples of "bonafe"
The partisans, seeing his high-rank uniform, are however inclined to shoot Arcovazzi on the spot; seeing the spirits much too inflamed to be convinced otherwise Bonafe asks for a pistol and the dubious "honour" of shooting his former jailer himself.
Some scholars (Frank Talmadge, among others) have dismissed this fanciful account as implausible. However, there is a certain amount of corroborating evidence. The notarial ledgers of Perpignan show several transactions in 1393 and 1394 in which Duran (known officially by his Christian name Honoratus de Bonafe) moved assets across the border to France. Also, Paul of Burgos is documented to have been in Avignon in 1394 for the conclave in which the Antipope Clement VII was elected.
Ateneo de Naga University is a Jesuit university and the largest Catholic university in the Bicol Region. The school is accredited with PAASCU since 1979. ADNU is the first university in the Philippines to achieve PAASCU Institutional Accreditation, on top of its Autonomous status and Level III status. It is a center of excellence in Teacher Education, and a center of development in Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, and Information Technology. It has produced top animators in the country since it launched its bachelor's degree in Animation. The university is also the alma mater of the very first Bicolano Jesuit priest, Father Juan Bonafe, S.J.