Synonyms for bonplandi or Related words with bonplandi

cercosaura              annectans              onychoteuthis              rostratus              celestus              picteti              philochortus              aprasia              grimalditeuthis              petersii              tricuspidatus              nemipteridae              gonocephalus              longisetus              ingens              gnathonemus              passalus              lamarckii              tenuidactylus              agassizii              darevskia              infernalis              mocquardi              illiger              caproidae              lerista              impressus              podospermum              poeppigii              polysticta              doriai              boulengeri              apistidae              complanata              euprepes              bowdleria              mochlus              cygnea              arthrosaura              serripes              abraliopsis              multipunctatus              cyclopteridae              anthoceros              discoveryi              tarsatus              loveridgei              boschmai              boschma              haemulidae             

Examples of "bonplandi"
Many animals and plants are also named in his honor, including the squid "Grimalditeuthis bonplandi" and the orchid "Ornithocephalus bonplandi".
Inca bonplandi is a species of beetles belonging to the Scarabaeidae family.
Megacyllene bonplandi is a species of beetle in the family Cerambycidae. It was described by Gounelle in 1911.
Grimalditeuthis bonplandi is a squid named after the Grimaldi family, reigning house of Monaco. Prince Albert I of Monaco was an amateur teuthologist who pioneered the study of deep sea squids by collecting the 'precious regurgitations' of sperm whales. The specific name "bonplandi" refers to the French scientist Aimé Bonpland.
Richard Ernest Kunze (b. in Altenburg, Germany, 7 April 1838; d. 1919) was a physician. He came to the United States in 1854, and was graduated at the Eclectic Medical College of New York in 1868, subsequently becoming a member of the board of trustees of this institution, was president of the New York Therapeutical Association in 1880, introduced to the medical profession various drugs derived from cacti, and added greatly to the previous knowledge of medical botany. He published a series of monographs on "Cactus" (Albany, 1875); "Cereus Grandiflorus and Cereus bonplandi" (1876); "Cereus triangularis and Phyllocactus grandis" (1876); "Cardinal Points in the Study of Medical Botany" (New York, 1881); and "The Germination and Vitality of Seeds" (1881).