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Examples of "bosia"
Ungheni (called "Bosia" until 1996) is a commune in Iași County, Romania, part of the Iași metropolitan area. It is composed of four villages: Bosia (the commune center), Coada Stâncii, Mânzătești and Ungheni.
Borgomale borders the following municipalities: Alba, Benevello, Bosia, Castino, Lequio Berria, and Trezzo Tinella.
Cortemilia borders the following municipalities: Bergolo, Bosia, Castino, Perletto, Pezzolo Valle Uzzone, Serole, and Torre Bormida.
Torre Bormida borders the following municipalities: Bergolo, Bosia, Cortemilia, Cravanzana, Feisoglio, and Levice.
Lequio Berria borders the following municipalities: Albaretto della Torre, Arguello, Benevello, Borgomale, Bosia, Cravanzana, and Rodello.
Bosia borders the following municipalities: Borgomale, Castino, Cortemilia, Cravanzana, Lequio Berria, and Torre Bormida.
Von Verri della Bosia was a member of an aristocrat family, which came originally from Alba, Italy. The family was ennobled by Victor Amadeus II of Sardinia in 1724. After his grandfather Josef Ascan Graf Verri della Bosia (1756–1828) moved from Alba to Bavaria, the title was recognized by the Bavarian king Maximilian I. in 1816. Maximilian's father was the Bavarian general Ascan Karl Graf Verri della Bosia (1790–1878).
Cravanzana borders the following municipalities: Arguello, Bosia, Cerreto Langhe, Feisoglio, Lequio Berria, and Torre Bormida.
The municipality of Castino includes two suburbs: Campetto and S.Bovo. After 1981, the suburb of Bosia became an independent village.
Maximilian Graf von Verri della Bosia genannt von Külberg auf Gansheim und Berg (1824 – 1909) was a Bavarian general.
An Italian-American, Bosia was born in Madera, California, and moved to Europe at age six with his parents. As a young man, he returned to the United States, where he worked as a stunt pilot and then as a writer and translator for San Francisco's Italian-American newspaper, "L'Italia". After his World War II travails, described in his book "The General and I", Bosia opened a jewelry store, which he ran until his retirement, at which time he began operating a motel. The multi-talented Bosia also composed several songs and painted landscapes, which were exhibited locally.
Following the Italy (RL) tour of 1950 to France, England, and Wales, a Torino XIII featuring Luigi Bosia joined the French league.
Bosia is a "comune" (municipality) in the Province of Cuneo in the Italian region Piedmont, located about southeast of Turin and about northeast of Cuneo. As of 31 December 2004, it had a population of 208 and an area of .
The village of Bosia once stood in a different place. It was rebuilt on its current site - where a village called Rutte was - after a massive landslide on 8 April 1679 killed 200 inhabitants when the village suddenly sank.
Vultureni is a commune in Bacău County, Romania. It is composed of sixteen villages: Bosia, Dădești, Dorneni, Ghilăvești, Godineștii de Jos, Godineștii de Sus, Lichitișeni, Medeleni, Nazărioaia, Reprivăț, Tomozia, Țigănești, Valea Lupului, Valea Merilor, Valea Salciei and Vultureni.
Luigi Bosia (born c. 1926) is an Italian professional rugby league footballer of the 1950s playing at representative level for Italy, and at club level for Torino XIII, as a , i.e. number 2 or 5.
After completing her residency at Virginia Mason Hospital, Carol practiced medicine at Pacific Medical Clinics, SeaMar Community Clinic and Pike Market Community Clinic until 1992 when she began her residency in Anesthesiology at Virginia Mason Hospital. She now works as a staff anesthesiologist at Virginia Mason Hospital and The Surgery Center of Silverdale. Carol serves on the board for BOSIA, the Bainbridge Ometepe Sister Island Association. BOSIA is a non-profit, non-partisan organization focused on people-to-people exchange between residents of Bainbridge Island in Washington State and Ometepe Island in Lake Nicaragua.
Remo Bosia was an American soldier and author of the memoir "The General and I" (New York: Phaedra, 1971) . He spent the years of World War II in court-martial proceedings after attempting to enlist in the United States Army. His book talks about how he felt personally singled out by General John L. DeWitt.
The following towns and villages are situated along the river Berheci, from source to mouth: Obârșia, Izvoru Berheciului, Antohești, Tarnița, Oncești, Onceștii Vechi, Tomozia, Vultureni, Bosia, Lichitișeni, Banca, Calapodești, Tăvădărești, Dealu Morii, Negulești, Lărgășeni, Rădăcinești, Șerbănești, Corbița, Ocheșești, Feldioara, Corcioveni, Brăhășești, Nărtești and Gara Berheci.
He was born in Turin, where he first trained under his father. He attended the Accademia Albertina, first training under Agostino Bosia, but later he was a pupil and protege of Felice Casorati. In 1920, he moved to Anticoli Corrado. By 1922, he began a long collaboration with the "Lenci" company of Turin producing ceramics.