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Examples of "bostonnais"
The name of the lake commemorates Jean-Baptiste Bostonais, a trapper Abenaki originated in Boston, Massachusetts, in New England, who had a hunting territory in the region. His name often comes up in local place names with the Large and Small Bostonnais lakes, the Bostonnais channel, the Little Bostonnais River and Bostonnais island. The river gave its name to the village of La Bostonnais, which with La Tuque is the only community on the banks of this river.
The municipality takes its name from the nearby Bostonnais and Little Bostonnais Rivers. This name probably came from an American man originally from Boston who joined the Abenaki at the beginning of the 19th century. In 1823, a reference was made to an Abenaki man named Jean-Baptiste Bostonnais who had one of his daughters baptized at Trois-Rivières. The Bostonnais family had their hunting territory in the area where the namesake rivers flow.
The name of this river 88 km commemorates Jean-Baptiste Bostonians, a trapper Abenaki originally from Boston, Massachusetts, New England who had a hunting service in the region. His name often comes up in local place names such as the Large and Little Bostonnais lakes, the Bostonians channel, the Little Bostonnais River and Bostonnais island. The river gave its name to the village of La Bostonnais, which with La Tuque is the only community on the banks of this river.
The Grand Lake Bostonnais is located in the La Tuque (urban agglomeration), in the administrative region of Mauricie, in Quebec, Canada. This lake is an important body of water is feeding the Bostonnais River which pours at La Tuque in Saint-Maurice River. The territory around Grand Lake Bostonnais is entirely in forest.
The Kiskissink lake is fed by the south by the discharge of Lake Lescarbot feeds the head of the Bostonnais River. From the mouth (located at the North) of Lake Kiskissink, a segment of the Bostonnais River flowing north, then west, has a length of 8.2 km (3.8 km which river and along the Strait of 4.4 km which is a long bay Grand Lake Bostonnais).
This river of 96 km takes its sources in main lakes, located at almost highest elevation in the mountains : the lake Ventadour on Lake Lescarbot on Lake Kiskissink and Grand Lake Bostonnais, in the heart of the Zec Kiskissink. In upper-Bostonnais, from the small lake “du Chalet” (an affluent of lake Ventadour), water flows from one lake to the other up to the mouth of Grand Lake Bostonnais.
This river of Batiscanie flows south-east in a small valley on about in mountainous territory to empty in the Batiscan River, in the municipality of Rivière-à-Pierre. The mouth of the "Grand River Bostonnais (Portneuf)" is upstream of the mouth of Rivière-à-Pierre. The "little river Bostonnais" flows eastward at few kilometers on the north side, in parallel of the "Grand River Bostonnais (Portneuf), and also empties in Batiscan River.
The name "Bostonnais" means in French "people living in Boston" in the U.S. state of Massachusetts.
The mouth of the Grand Lake Bostonnais is located on the west side at the end of a little bay. Bostonnais River cross the lake. The rehabilitation of the dam Grand Lake Bostonnais is a joint project with Ducks Unlimited Canada, the Quebec Wildlife Foundation, Hydro-Québec and Zec Kiskissink for a total cost of $550,000. This project aims to maintain the lake level to promote breeding waterfowl in flooded areas and protection of spawning grounds in the outlet during the winter low flow period. The lake drains in the Bostonnais River.
The Little Bostonnais river flows westbound in the city of La Tuque, in Mauricie, in Quebec, in Canada.
Lescarbot lake is located near (west side) of the boundary waters between the Métabetchouane River and Bostonnais River.
The Zec Ménokéosawin is a "zone d'exploitation contrôlée" (controlled harvesting zone), located in the region of Mauricie, in Quebec, Canada. This public hunting and fishing area is managed by the “Association de chasse-pêche de la rivière Bostonnais Nord” (Association of hunting - fishing Bostonnais North River), a non-profit organization.
Zec Ménokéosawin is crossed by the Bostonnais River, arriving from the north and passing through the lake Maggie, then lake Deveny. This river has a tributary designated "Channel Bostonians", which start from the lake "North Branch" and "Southern Branch" and it empties into the Bostonnais River at southwest area of Zec.
Lake Vendatour, Lake Lescarbot, Lake Kiskissink and a segment of the Bostonnais River form on 23 km in north-south direction a chain of water bodies which discharge into the Bostonnais River from the north; the latest flows into the Saint-Maurice River where it pours in La Tuque.
The lake is fed mostly on the east side by the discharge of the Lake Kiskissink; the latest is fed from the South by the discharge of Lescarbot Lake. Lake Kiskissink length is made parallel to the “Grand Lake Bostonnais”. From the mouth of Lake Kiskissink, this segment of Bostonnais River has a length of 8.2 km (a river of 3.8 km, then a strait of 4.4 km long which is an arm of Grand Lake Bostonnais). Between the two lakes is forestry center called Van Bruyssels.
From the outlet of Little Wayagamac Lake, the Little Bostonnais River course 4.4 km (measured on water) before flowing into the lake Wayagamac (southeast side). Wayagamac lake discharges from the west in the Little Bostonnais River which has an approximate length of 10.6 km (measured by water) between the dam and the Wayagamac lake. The mouth of the river flows into the Saint-Maurice River at the southern boundary of the city of La Tuque (just south of the airport). From the discharge of Little Wayagamac lake, the Little Bostonnais River water runs westbound on 23.6 km of which 8.6 km through the Wayagamac lake.
From the outlet of Little Lake Wayagamac, Little River flows west Bostonnais on 23.6 km, including 8.6 km around the Lake Wayagamac.
The names Bostonnais River and "Little River Bostonians" are commemorating Jean-Baptiste Bostonians, a trapper Abenaki who came from Boston, Massachusetts.
From the mouth of Little Wayagamac Lake, Little Bostonnais River runs on 4.4 km (measured on water) before emptying into the Lake Wayagamac (at the east-south side). The Lake Wayagamac discharges at the north-west side (at the bottom of a bay) where a dam was built. The lake drains into Little Bostonnais River which has an approximate length of 10.6 km (measured on water) between the dam of Lake Wayagamac and its mouth.
La Tuque Water Aerodrome is located at the entrance to the great bay at the mouth of Bostonnais River which flows into the Saint-Maurice River, just north of the city of La Tuque. Thus, the aerodrome is located on the large reservoir created by La Tuque dam. The aerodrome is located near the municipal campground of La Tuque and close (west side) of the railway of Canadian National and the Street Bostonnais.